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  1. RyuRose

    [For MV] Hi, Looking for a twintail generator part...

    Hi, sorry to be a bother but can anyone, please make/point out a MV generator part that is for a female character, the twintail style. I will attach photos to show what I want to request. Please if you can, it will be appreciated...
  2. RyuRose

    Random Battles?

    I, as a RPG gamer, despise Random Encounters. In my (upcoming) game, Crimsoneta, I am considering not allowing Random Encounters, instead just by setting it on the map. How do you guys feel about Random Encounters.
  3. RyuRose

    [MV] Tabby Cat Face, Character and SV Battler Request!

    Hi, I am making a game called Crimsoneta, I really need a cat battler (actor) so here is my request. Resource Type: Character, Face set and SV Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Cartoony or MV Style. (I suck at drawing) Description: Kite the Cat is a save point in my game. He is also one...

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