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  1. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    I can't say I've seen a TRPG where the damage variance seemed even neutral, let alone good. That was one of my biggest issues with FFTA and FFTA2. Even Shining Force back in the day was odd with damage variance. I feel like there being the chance of critical attacks is already plenty variance (I...
  2. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    It's odd to me how many things are commonplace in TRPGs are almost unheard of in other rpgs. Being able to see damage, being able to see enemy stats, fully detailed explanations of what a skill does, some even telling me what the enemy plans to do, I feel like all of this would help regular rpgs...
  3. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use? This helped me a lot. This is the one on the site.
  4. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    For a simple example in genre, let's say I have Attack, Smash, Fire, and Absorb as my only attacks and there are four different enemies in this boss encounter. How do I figure out how much damage I'll deal? It's already hard enough to figure out when damage is simple (atk - def or some variant...
  5. kirbwarrior

    [Poll] Rounding Up/Down?

    I just realized I answered with this in mind instead of programming XD But my answer still applies. As you said, let the system automatically truncate for you.
  6. kirbwarrior

    [Poll] Rounding Up/Down?

    I prefer to not round if I can help it. But when I have to, I often try to round in the player's favor. Otherwise, I drop fractions (round towards 0) but only at the end of the equation (namely, when the number actually matters, such as the end result of damage).
  7. kirbwarrior

    If something in your game is working perfectly, but it really shouldn't be, and you can't figure out why it is...

    "It's not a bug, it's a feature!" :L More seriously, I feel like it's the opposite of a bug, which I don't think we have a word for. Then again, it could be the cause of a bug down the road, so it might actually BE the bug.
  8. kirbwarrior

    Balanced class stats and attacks.

    The three big things to remember; A) How does Attack work? This is the baseline. Do actors go down in 5 hits? 10 hits? 2 hits? It doesn't even have to be "Attack" but whatever the system uses for your consistent or reliable move (and if you don't have anything like that, then you have a far more...
  9. kirbwarrior

    "Random" Loot based on the Luck stat.

    It just straight up being a choice sounds like a lot of fun. Having it apply to all chests could work simply enough. As for 'picking' your reward from a chest, it could be a weight thing (picking up the sword, armor, or gold bag opens the trap that drops the other two) or multiple chests...
  10. kirbwarrior

    "Random" Loot based on the Luck stat.

    If a stat is something you actually have to invest in and are told to improve (like most games do), then not only does the player want to improve it, but they also want to get the rewards for improving it. If they are told (or worse, not told) to want to open it with not the best luck, then it...
  11. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    Not quite there, but check out Pokemon's damage calculation at some point. It's unnecessarily complicated, especially for a game that refuses to let you know how much damage you do (Or really clarity in battle at all). One of the Final Fantasies uses something like str*3 as a base and decreases...
  12. kirbwarrior

    "Random" Loot based on the Luck stat.

    Tai_MT's post made me realize that if we're talking about rogue-likes, I'd go completely the opposite direction and build something like his post. So, I guess it's important to know (at TC); Is this more of a 'traditional' rpg, are you making a rogue-like, something entirely else?
  13. kirbwarrior

    "Random" Loot based on the Luck stat.

    I was actually thinking something related. What if luck ironically removes luck from the equation? Like, each chest has a required luck to open it and even tells you when you open it what the number is if you don't have it yet. Each one has (say) three choices, but if you don't have enough luck...
  14. kirbwarrior

    "Random" Loot based on the Luck stat.

    I'm generally against purely luck-based things like this, but I feel like having Luck be based around the treasure chest instead of the party might make more sense. Like, party leader must have over 78 luck to get the great treasure, otherwise you get good treasure. The other thought (to make...
  15. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    The best solution I've come up with is to use flat bonuses and penalties to stats. So, instead of +25% to attack, you add +3 to attack. You don't even need it to scale depending on how numbers work out elsewhere in the game, but if you wanted it to scale it can be based on something (for...
  16. kirbwarrior

    Events not happen accordingly as planned

    That sounds like something is actually stopping the movement route from completing, such as something getting in the way.
  17. kirbwarrior

    How to balance Skills ?

    This 1000%. Two big reasons; A) Your players don't know what sounds dumb. They might think combining these three pieces of equipment or going down this skill tree sounds like the best thing ever. 2) Broken or overpowered strats in games often utilize dumb sounding ideas. Players don't know that...
  18. kirbwarrior

    I call this: Dark Hyperpop (does this song "uh, oh" sound like a boss fight?)

    That very hard feels like final boss music. There's this combined dread with hope and "we've worked our entire lives for this moment" thing going on. It also specifically feels like a trpg track but I can't pinpoint why.
  19. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    I've actually had games like that where there isn't a 'defense' stat at all. Final Fantasy Tactics has (weapon damage) * (strength) and armor gives flat HP boosts (among other non defense things). That's more its own problem and not necessarily related to the damage formula. In fact, I find the...
  20. kirbwarrior

    What damage formulas do you use?

    My default is a.atk - b.def. It's not always what I use, but it's simple to develop, simple to the player, and makes it really clear to the player what the enemy defense is (in fact, I'd love to be able to set def to 0). This, but there's also something really nice about small numbers. Like, in...

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