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  1. Lowell

    Freeform Armor Equipment Trick

    Similar to games such as Etrian Odyssey or Romancing SaGa 3, this small snippet allows you to equip armors in armor slot with a shared name, but prevents you from wearing two armors of the same type. For example if you equipped an armor labeled as Head Gear, you're be prevented from equipping...
  2. Lowell

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thanks, works like a charm
  3. Lowell

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    How would I go about checking if an actor has an armor type equipped? particular an if statement if armor type x is equipped
  4. Lowell

    I Am Gunpla

    So I recently imported Gundam Breaker 3 for Vita an am currently having a blast with it. Went into the game wanting to build my fave gundam from the animes and wound up making something completely different, Imported the asian version for the english translation and bought a second copy for my...
  5. Lowell

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    This can be done by using the script call function in a variable. The values themselves that can be stored are the same as any other variable so you can place text within it as well using something like ("Your Text Here") without the parenthesis.
  6. Lowell


  7. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    pulled Ramza's Armband, gonna build up another 50 Mithril to go for a second pull, if all else fails, I can fall back on Tyro's Sentinel
  8. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    games trolling me now did two 11 Pulls nd a 100-Gem Pull, got a Sentinel Grimoire, 2 Thor's Hammers, Goblez's Armor, but no Genji Blade... also a FFX Red Bracer
  9. Lowell

    Skill SelfVariables

    Works like a charm, thanks for the help everyone
  10. Lowell

    Skill SelfVariables

    That would cover the damage aspect, but there is no way to set this value before battle starts. I'm also pretty sure the variables can't be called outside the skill itself unless it's global.
  11. Lowell

    Skill SelfVariables

    Where would this go? A script call tells me a is not defined.
  12. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    My team is currently being optimized based around who's relics I manage to pull in the upcoming events, that said my current standard team is Warrior of Light (75) (Light's Wrath) Using Ultimate Weapon (IX) Cloud (65) (Double Hit Materia) Using 1st Fusion Sword 6* Yuna (64) (Healing...
  13. Lowell

    Skill SelfVariables

    For skill formula's, I'd imagine something like a.skill_var(skill_id) or skill_var(actor_id,skill_id) and the latter for a script call outside of battle. The main usage of this will be to simulate skill levels/experience with only the experience factor. I'll primarily be increasing the...
  14. Lowell

    Skill SelfVariables

    Requesting a small script where skills have their own variables stored per actor that can be accessed via script calls and in-battle grabbing the actor id then skill id. I know of the Skill Proficiency Plugin however that plugin is incompatible with my current plugin setup (Yanfly Library)...
  15. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Been grinding all day and about to take on Garland again, got Gilgamesh up to 40ish and holding until I pull banners For the moment, Yuna's my White Mage and an AoE heal isn't really necessary with Freya's Reis Wind. If I manage to pull Gils Phase 5 Sword though, I will be hunting for a...
  16. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Almost done power leveling Yuna and Freya for Garland Ultimate replacing Mog and Zack for this battle. Once I get their levels to 50 I'll Lv break both of them on a side note, even at level 40, Yuna is stronger than Mog it seems aside from being squishier and missing about 12 MND, Freya's...
  17. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    I haven't playing that long, only started back up during the FF7 event so I didn't have WoL at the time or most of the skills everyone has already. I only recently just got Shellga and right now, have a fairly solid team. As for my team in the Future I'll likely drop Mog and Zack for Freya...
  18. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Just got Warrior of Lights MCII, which is my first MCII so far. Winded up having to fight both Lich and Tiamat twice due to improving my setups
  19. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Managed to nab Jecht's MC without casualties somehow, despite not being able to properly prep myself for that boss. If note for the Mitten's and Fenrir Overdrive, I doubt I would've been able to outdamage it's recovery rate.
  20. Lowell

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper So what do I do next :x, outta eggs On a side note, what exactly are the effects of berserk and should I put Cids Materia elsewhere?

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