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  1. Poryg

    The dark lord of the Javascreeps is back... kinda

    Evil morning. 3:) I'm Poryg. The overlord of the castle of Javascreeps. Some of you may hate me. But for those who don't know me at all... I started with RPG maker in 2009. I've been able to completely master rpg maker 2003, but unable to finish anything due to laziness. To this day it is still...
  2. Poryg

    So long (and thanks for all the fish)

    Some may be wondering why haven't they seen me for a while. Truth is, recent events, personal business and laziness caused me to spend little to zero time here. But I was thinking I would return. It were actually more recent events that made me declare an official departure of the Dark lord of...
  3. Poryg

    Total feedback on the new forum design

    So this is it, we have a new forum design. From what I've seen, many people like it. Me... Not so much. There are multiple dreadful flaws I've found with it. I'm using the dark mode, but I can't say I was impressed with the light mode any more. The previous version was beautiful. Every...
  4. Poryg


    Just as the name suggests, the plugin encodes your database files. Or in particular all JSON files it finds inside the data folder of your project. That means any JSON files that are outside of this folder (and hence any plugins that use them) are incompatible with this. The purpose of it is...
  5. Poryg

    #13 - invoke an action

    Part 13 is up! In this part we will examine the background of how MV handles actions in battle and we will also learn how to invoke one. Great for custom battle systems! Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime text 2, Visual Studio Code (which I use) or Eclipse), some...
  6. Poryg

    #12 - Custom state effects in battle

    Part 12 of the tutorial series is now up! Previously when you wanted to make an awesome state, you were tied to Yanfly's buffs & states core. That's about to change. This video demonstrates how can you create your own cool states. Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom...
  7. Poryg

    #11 - introduction to battle scene

    Part 11 is now up! It wasn't my original plan, but I'm going to devote a couple of videos to battles as battles have been by a large margin the most requested topic to cover. So, in this video I'll introduce you to the core variables inside Scene_Battle. Required: An IDE (some of the most...
  8. Poryg

    #10 - pitfalls of PIXI

    Part 10 of the tutorial series is up! In the past videos you may have seen me use PIXI. Sprite.fromImage instead of MV's default sprite stuff, but I've always said you shouldn't use it unless you want to deal with the pitfalls of PIXI. So I explain some of them in this video. If you don't intend...
  9. Poryg

    #9 - loading through xhr/fs, preloading images

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 9 of the tutorial series is up. In the previous video I showed how to load a custom $dataFile, but there are cases where this is not enough. So in this part I'll show you how you can manually load any file you want and I'll also demonstrate how you can make a...
  10. Poryg

    #8 - save handling of custom data

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 8 of the tutorial series is up. In this video we will save and load custom variables as well as custom $dataFiles. I forgot to plug in my microphone, so I made up for the bad sound quality with subtitles. Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom...
  11. Poryg

    #7 - events, event commands, plugin command

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 7 of the tutorial series is up. Time to talk about events and event commands, including plugin command! I forgot to plug in my microphone, so I made up for the bad sound quality with subtitles. Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime...
  12. Poryg

    #6 - clickable buttons, mouse handling, drag & drop

    Hello, fellow rpg makers! Part 6 of the tutorial series needs no introduction. So many people like button menus, so many want real-time mouse handling... And surprisingly enough, it's not that difficult! Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime text 2, Visual Studio...
  13. Poryg

    #5 - MV's rendering engine, Sprites, ZIndex

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 5 of the series is now up. We're stepping one layer deeper and when we previously learned about canvas blitting, this time we'll learn straight about sprites and in which order they are rendered, what's below and what's above. But before that happens, I'll talk...
  14. Poryg

    #4 - drawText vs. drawTextEx, custom size "buttons"

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 4 of the series is now up. After a rather theoretical part 3 we will finally learn some fun stuff. Button backgrounds, custom size window commands, make any menu you will ever desire! Required: An IDE (some of the most popular ones are Atom, Sublime text 2...
  15. Poryg

    #3 - introduction to window types

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 3 of the series is now up. As the title says, nothing fancy will happen, it's just an introduction to the window types of MV and their main differences. Also it contains an explanation to the problem we had in the previous episode, where I tried to draw images...
  16. Poryg

    #2 - change scene, custom scene, custom window

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Part 2 of the series is now up. As the title says, I'll show you how to change a scene through code, how to create your custom scene and how to create a custom window. As a bonus, in the video there's shown how you can map custom keys. Required: An IDE (some of the...
  17. Poryg

    #1 - introduction to MV scripting

    Hello, fellow RPG makers, Since Soulpour has deleted his videos, there are no real MV scripting materials, so I've decided to fill the place. Unlike my PIXI DIY series I am going to take this from the ground up to make it as non-niche as possible so that more people can benefit from it. In this...
  18. Poryg

    Anyone has an airfryer?

    Hello, fellow RPG makers... Or more precisely the cooking section of them :D Long story short, my brother is looking to gain weight, mother cannot eat solid foods and I am looking to lose weight, so we're on three different diets. In practice it would mean that I'd be cooking for myself, which...
  19. Poryg

    Some minor issues with my linux tablet

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I was just messing around with my tablet trying to make something work... And suddenly noticed something wrong. Namely in the temperatures section. I wonder, can I use my tablet safely? Shouldn't I bring my tablet to the service center? Is it even safe to carry...
  20. Poryg


    POR_AutoSkipMessage, v.1.1.0 Author: Poryg Introduction I don't think I need to introduce this plugin. Its purpose is simple, but powerful. Skipping (or rather closing, but you can skip them as well if you read too slowly :D) messages automatically after certain time (or rather not necessarily...

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