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  1. morlockhater

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I loike the title, but I think things need to be rearranged, the title seems to just be sitting in empty space, while the 'new game, continue etc' buttons are much too big and spread out. If they were smaller, maybe together in one corner or centered on top of each other, it'd draw less focus...
  2. morlockhater

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Two more Twin Peaks maps! Would love some feedback!
  3. morlockhater

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Another Twin Peaks map, just made for fun using Vexed's "Pop! Horror" style. Feedback welcome!
  4. morlockhater

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    A little something, for a project I may or may not be tinkering with. Massive fan of the show and very excited that new episodes are being released! Feedback welcome!
  5. morlockhater

    GolfHacker's Goodies

    These are fantastic! Big fan!
  6. morlockhater

    Pokemon: Crystal Rescue (Redo + demo ready)

    I'd suggest going back and working on the presentation, the resources you're using look mismatched and poorly utilized. No one will want to play a game that isn't appealing to look at, there are tonnes of Pokémon and Pokémon-esque graphics out there to use. Make sure your assets match in terms...
  7. morlockhater

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Completed Map of the Xavier Institute! Really proud of this one, eager for feedback. Parallax Map, credits to Vexed for Pop Horror! Tiles.
  8. morlockhater

    Pop! contributions in Member+

    Do we have any new info on whether it's possible to get the sewer and harbour stuff that had previously been in members+? Or can we contact vexed directly and pay for them privately?
  9. morlockhater

    POP! Preview

    Any updates on these? Really looking forward to new material :)
  10. morlockhater

    24x24 Tiles and Chars

    A full map in my 24x24 style, made in photoshop.
  11. morlockhater

    Doors that close behind the player on entry?

    That's not what I mean. Watch the video I linked, when the player transfers to the outside map from the inside, you see the player walk down out of the door and it closes behind him. It's purely a cosmetic thing but in my opinion it adds a lot to the transition between the maps, and I'm...
  12. morlockhater

    Doors that close behind the player on entry?

    Hey there! Anybody know how I'd event a door that closes behind the player on entering a new map? For example, the player transfers out of his house, I want him to transfer onto the door, the door to open and he walks through, and the door to then close behind him. A feature like this was...
  13. morlockhater

    Anybody know how I'd event a door that closes behinf the player on entering a new map in MV?

    Anybody know how I'd event a door that closes behinf the player on entering a new map in MV?
  14. morlockhater

    24x24 Tiles and Chars

    Another Sprite! Think this makes the project a BIT more obvious! 
  15. morlockhater

    24x24 Tiles and Chars

    Cool! Have never played the SaGa games myself, must get around to it at some point. I love RPGs, but my heart's always lied with point and click games like Broken Sword, so I want to bring that kind of a flavour to my projects in terms of dialogue and character developement. Are your tiles...
  16. morlockhater

    24x24 Tiles and Chars

    Anybody else out there making these? So far I've made two 48x24 sprites for a game based on 24x24 tiles. I'm a huge fan of a more pixel-art art style like the one seen in Vexed's 'Pop! Horror' resources, and I want to take advantage of both MV's new tile ratio, while still making something in a...
  17. morlockhater

    MV preordered on Steam, roll on Friday!

    MV preordered on Steam, roll on Friday!
  18. morlockhater

    RMVXA Dawn of the New Hour: Aurum Demo

    I'm sorry if this ends up sounding overly negative, but I'm curious about some of your decisions, and I want to be as constructive as possible. Why not just make the game about a future/alternate incarnation of the Doctor himself? Or heck, even about the 11th Doctor during one of his off-screen...
  19. morlockhater

    Veronica Mars: The Fan Game

    "A long time ago, we used to be friends..."         Updates 21/10/2015 - Hi guys, Morlockhater here with an update on the game. I'm excited to announce, after a lot of consideration, that I'll be transferring this project to RPG Maker MV. Everything from the improvements to the graphics...

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