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  1. Crestfall9

    Looking for a comprehensive list of RPG Maker MV fixes

    I'm looking to start a project and thinking about how there should be bugfixes and any other plugins that any new RMMV project must use. I'm talking about things like: AudioStreaming.js to fix audio lag, upgrading NWJS and Chromium to increase performance, useful stuff in unofficial bugfix...
  2. Crestfall9

    Trying to toggle a chest open/close state with proximity event.

    I don't think I will ever be able to explain this correctly. So I tried to make a proximity event that pretty much goes like this: Player in proximity around the chest -> Chest plays open animation -> Chest froze in open animation -> Player left proximity around the chest -> Chest plays close...
  3. Crestfall9

    Can RNG be fun?

    I don't know where to put this thread, so I just put it here. Call me lazy, uninspiring, whatever. Either way I want to make a RNG based RPG game. And not just simple crits, damage variance, etc. I want to go to Darkest Dungeon level, without making it too frustrating like Darkest Dungeon...
  4. Crestfall9

    How to start coding notetags

    I wanna start making notetags in my plugins. I've been looking at other plugins but I never got a single clue on how to make notetags. How do I do it? Also offtopic: I've been looking at MV's documentation in There's a reference...
  5. Crestfall9

    var Imported

    I've been seeing this pretty much everywhere. What is the purpose of: var Imported = Imported || {};
  6. Crestfall9

    How to overwrite instant death on 0 hp

    Hey, I'm the same guy thinking about adding a death's door mechanic. So I was looking through the codes and found this: Game_Battler.prototype.refresh = function() {; if (this.hp === 0) { this.addState(this.deathStateId()); }...
  7. Crestfall9

    Death's Door Mechanic

    Hey guys, I want to make a mechanic similar to Darkest Dungeon's Death's Door. It basically goes like, if a party character hits 0 hp, they wouldn't die immediately. Instead they would be placed in a Death's Door state. Death's Door state gives penalty to several stats (such as max hp, etc.) and...

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