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  1. FodasticoMan

    add credits in title screen (Adicionando créditos na tela de Título)

    Good evening, Anyone who knows me knows that I've been breaking my head and trying to do that. Thanks to the code of Rexal that I studied  I went able to understand a little more and get complete my code. Free for commercial and noncommercial use Do not delete the names on special credits...
  2. FodasticoMan

    enemy animation battle

    Good night, 1)As I understand it you must download and activate two plugins AnimatedSVEnemies.js BattleEngineCore.js 2)Pick up some image with battle scenes and put the folder sv_actors. 3)Create a new actor with the image name that was put in sv_actors and the battle image. 4)Create troops...
  3. FodasticoMan

    Taking advantage the script (new game) by changing the map

    Good day, When you click new game will automatically go to the map 001. I would like the script refer to another map. rpg_scenes.js Scene_Title.prototype.commandCredito = function() {    this._commandWindow.close();    this.fadeOutAll();    SceneManager.goto(NEW LOCAL);};
  4. FodasticoMan

    New Scene Title Screen

    The script is in error RPG_Scenes.js function Scene_Creditos() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments);}Scene_Creditos.prototype = Object.create(Scene_MenuBase.prototype);Scene_Creditos.prototype.constructor = Scene_Creditos;Scene_Creditos.prototype.initialize = function() { //align...
  5. FodasticoMan

    insert credits in title screen

  6. FodasticoMan

    Modify titleset by script

        An example that does not work if $ { $gameMap.tilesetId(7) $gameMap.reloadMap } else { $gameMap.tilesetId(1) $gameMap.reloadMap }
  7. FodasticoMan


    <<English>> Tilesets we can change the type of lock manually. But if I want to change this lock through script? For example, if I want to change the lock of the first tileset. The object that is in column five, line three. How to be? Something like: $data_tilesets[1].block[3,5]=false...
  8. FodasticoMan

    Use rights [Doubt]

    <<<English>>> Good evening, If I create characters and new scenarios for use in RPG Maker MV, I can sell the game it without any problems? Or I can just use the resources (setting, characters) that the MV RPG Maker offers? <<<Português - Brasil>>> Boa noite, Se eu criar personagens ou novos...

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Oh god, just watched HawkZombie's stream of my game and realised that *none* of the branching scenes work properly. One has no character graphic, one soft locks due to a passability issue, and one doesn't have its autorun set to the right trigger. I've got first prize in the bag, baby.
Frustrated, as always. I took a break from working on games and when I turned back to working on them again, bam! Slapped in the face with more errors. Such is the pain of working on any project, I suppose.
Checking out the Judge's Round Table. Really cool getting their perspective in a Q/A environment like this.
I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! Dad said he's going to take me to my favorite arcade and maybe Aquatica.
animated message windows <3
or message window that uses background images that can be animated?
Still need to fix some things, but it's going great so far :)

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