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  1. RicachetX

    rabbitMap - A minimap plugin for MZ (and MV)

    Wow I had to donate! you even get a bonus movement plugin!! Really clean work!
  2. RicachetX

    I Keep Getting an Error when I want to launch the HTML version of my game

    i get this same error when i deploy to web. if i find the issue i'll update this post.
  3. RicachetX

    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    Anyone know how to adjust the resolution of the Game View. I have my Screen and Game resolution set in plugins, but when I run on Android. I get 1920/1080 everything. I'd like to have it scale the game to 1280/720 and stretch it to the screen width/height. I fixed this. it ended up just being...

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Oh god, just watched HawkZombie's stream of my game and realised that *none* of the branching scenes work properly. One has no character graphic, one soft locks due to a passability issue, and one doesn't have its autorun set to the right trigger. I've got first prize in the bag, baby.
Frustrated, as always. I took a break from working on games and when I turned back to working on them again, bam! Slapped in the face with more errors. Such is the pain of working on any project, I suppose.
Checking out the Judge's Round Table. Really cool getting their perspective in a Q/A environment like this.
I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! Dad said he's going to take me to my favorite arcade and maybe Aquatica.
animated message windows <3
or message window that uses background images that can be animated?
Still need to fix some things, but it's going great so far :)

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