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  1. SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Thanks for this but it still doesn't work properly. Do I need to do something special to import buffs and states core (I looked at yanfly's other pluggins to try to understand how importing works but still don't quite get it) Edit: That's not it. It has imported, I added a console log just...
  2. SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    It isn't working properly with Yanfly's buffs and states core. I want to do a state with random (Between 1 and 5) poison damage per turn. I was trying to get it to work with many different types of the buff and state triggers (Regenerate, Turn End, Turn Start) but none of them run (I'm using the...
  3. VE - Materia System

    Ok, this will take some explaining. one of my classes has a unique weapon type, that weapon type would give a state to the user that gave them special slots (Intended to only to be given to them later in the game as a way of upgrading this weapon type). If anyone in the party has that state, the...
  4. VE - Materia System

    Actually, no, I think I've got it. Testing theory now. Buggy equipment/state that I have along with it.
  5. VE - Materia System

    It still happens even when near the top of the list (Only the VE core and Yep core were above it) This is really baffling. Especially when it did work earlier in the project (While I was making the materia I remember using the pluggin command to level them up but it now throws up the error.) I'm...
  6. VE - Materia System

    I do have the JP pluggin. It's part of the Yep section above all the other pluggins. Unless I misunderstood you and you are talking about a different JP pluggin?
  7. VE - Materia System

    That doesn't fix it. Same error occurs. I even tried disabling everything after the Materia pluggin. It happens even when AP is given through pluggin commands. It is something in there directly. Due to the error report it seems to be coming from the Gain AP code As I said earlier, I used a...
  8. VE - Materia System

    Just like this, this was for testing. I set it to this once I noticed it start crashing (Used to be nothing, before then it was just blank, both crash)
  9. VE - Materia System

    That is already how I set it up. Materia is one of the lowest things on the list. I have a special section just for non Yep stuff at the bottom.
  10. VE - Materia System

    Currently? None. This happens even if none are equipped but it does still happen with materia equipped.
  11. VE - Materia System

    I got a bug while working with this, whenver a battle is finished something goes wrong with the gain AP function and I don't know enough about it to figure out what the problem is. From what I can tell it is something to do with the slot variable not being set correctly but I don't know...

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