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  1. RegalKAMAX

    RMMV Olivia's Boost Point System and Action Sequence

    I don't know what I changed, but it suddenly works well. It wasn't known what caused it, but luckily it was solved. Thank you for help.
  2. RegalKAMAX

    RMMV Olivia's Boost Point System and Action Sequence

    <Boost Repeats> <Target Action> wait: 30 motion guard: user MOVE user: target, front, 10 wait: 30 motion swing: user action animation action effect wait: 30 </Target Action> Notetag is like this. In this situation, no matter how much BP is used, action effect is used only once in notetag...
  3. RegalKAMAX

    RMMV Olivia's Boost Point System and Action Sequence

    I'm using Olivia's Boost Point System plugin( and Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins. I want to use <Boost Repeats> notetag to increase the number of repeated hits, but the problem is that I don't know how to apply it in Action Sequence...
  4. RegalKAMAX

    RMMV State that makes HP invisible

    I need a plugin that if player has the specified state, then change the entire HP bar to some color and change the HP number to a question mark. I'm thinking about make a state that will change the player's HP bar to a color like black or white during the battle so that the remaining HP cannot...
  5. RegalKAMAX

    RMDC #3: Character Selection Screen

    WOW Thanks!
  6. RegalKAMAX

    RMDC #3: Character Selection Screen

    Yeah, actually all the links are dead. If you don't mind, could you give me new link of demo? Thank you.

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