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  1. Vanessa

    RMMV Bloom In Abyss | Crossfate Saga |

    ”Hi everyone, it’s about time I introduce you to my game project. Yes, there’s one thread about it in the Project Recruitment tab, but this will be the place where you'll find more details, including development updates, episodes and the demo's eventual download.” For the record, this project...
  2. Vanessa

    (Moghunter) Move the shown command menu.

    well, this rather petty question but i really need helps since i had zero experience on scripting. once you look up this image, you will understand what i try to point (i hope XD) anyone have idea to move the shown command menu to center? note: I'm using moghunter battlehud and battle...
  3. Vanessa

    Lined up Enemy SV (YEP)

    Hi, quick question :D is there's a way to make enemy lined up just like the actors so we can have something like face to face? i'm currently using built in placement and the range i can place enemy is limited. the script i use is YEP battle core (for the 6 actors) so i wondering if there's a...
  4. Vanessa

    RM MV kept crashing

    so i was on clean build, only have a very few plugins from Yanfly and Moghunter. just double clicking the plugins to turn it on then the software crashes, now everytime i launch it, it's crashes without warnings. is there any explanation or helps? i tried reinstalling, restarting, checking...
  5. Vanessa

    Vertical Screen resize

    Hi, in short i tried VNM in my free times, and i was thinking about a super lite VN which is fit to vertical mobile phone size. Out of curiousity, i have questions regards things mainly for customizing screen element's default orientation. Here's following the screenshot, I need the Dialogue...
  6. Vanessa

    Looking for a Software to combine images without losing transparency

    Anyone know it? I tried Photoscape and it's not really convenient due to the losing image transparency i can't create sprite well Thank you~
  7. Vanessa

    Battler sprite speed

    Is it possible to set the speed animation of actor / enemy battler ? It just happen default MV battler animation was just a little bit too fast than i want. maybe there's a way to reduce its animation speed to - 0.25 or else ? thank you
  8. Vanessa

    An art enthusiasts, drawing, writing and music engineering

    Hello, My name is Gin, current projects : 1 (but i'm worked in some non rpg makers project outside) deviantart: here Interested in : Tanks, epoch like Lord of the rings and Romance of Three Kingdoms Greetings! Welcome to my introduction thread.
  9. Vanessa

    TRADE Easy but serious project, Vanessa

    About Vanessa Codenamed Vanessa for its main character's name, the story involves a destiny forged in misery and misfortune, and how Vanessa herself tries to go on even under terrible circumstances. There'll be a good quantity of characters that will cross paths with her whilst trying to fix...
  10. Vanessa

    Is this even confirmed as legal and worked?

    Hello, i just received an email from someone requesting something with my RM MV key. you can see below on screenshot. . thanks
  11. Vanessa

    a seinen Anime based game RPG Need engineer |Javascript / plugin maker|

    Hello, i'm Schlee from Dollhouse Symphony, looking for a system engineer who willing to work together for the RPG Maker MV project titled CROSSFATE SAGA : VANESSA. You can read the game description right to our Indiegogo campaign...
  12. Vanessa

    Parameter stats balancing [help me]

    Hello guys I'm developing a kind of modern rpg, so i'm having a little trouble with logic; exp parameters and stats. I have a character who reconsidered as a prodigy, using spear-like weapon but also able to cast magic. I think i need to balance this girl, but i can't say she's a magician or a...

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