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  1. Erika Fuzzbottom

    How to tell if a game is created with a pirated RPGM?

    So I found this web site full of RPG Maker games that sounded interesting.  I started with the RPG Maker XP games, but I notice the installers were halfway written in Japanese despite being on an English site.  That makes me concerned they were created using a pirated copy of RMXP. So I also...
  2. Erika Fuzzbottom

    The next RPG Maker has been announced!

    We knew it was coming when the 2k3 release trailer teased at it.   What grabs my attention the most is that it supports touch-screen control if played on devices that support it.  I don't know if that means you can put touch-screen...
  3. Erika Fuzzbottom

    Erika's streaming RPGM games, again!

    Helloooooo, everyone! Welcome to... this (revived) topic! In case it's not obvious from the subforum you're in, I stream RPG Maker games, both full games and demos. In fact, they're a common occurance at my Twitch and Youtube channels (alongside indie games and Game Boy games). I play games...
  4. Erika Fuzzbottom

    Minor Bug

    In the Database, in the Skills tab, the little "Animation" box that you can set for skills.  Click the "Set" button. If you change anything in the window that pops up and hit "Cancel", it actually confirms the changes, not cancels.
  5. Erika Fuzzbottom

    Legend of Denadel?

    While looking at the screenshots for RM2k3 (feels weird being able to mention that without feeling like I'm breaking the law), I noticed that a few of the screenshots are from a game called "Legend of Denadel".  (Example...

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