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  1. LazESigma

    Script call to see if a variable exists in an array.

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate some aspects of a roulette wheel in a gambling game. I'm using variables and currently have the numbers working. I'm attempting to use a variable array to easily check if the Number entered is either Red or Black. Rather than have 36 conditional branches, I was...
  2. LazESigma

    Yanfly StealSnatch plugin glitch?

    Hello, I'm using the StealSnatch plugin and I enter the command to Snatch an item from a foe. But, because I'm using ATB, another player get's the jump ahead and kills the foe before Snatch is executed. This triggers a Method isStolen error in the plugin. I know this is probably because of the...
  3. LazESigma

    Weapon Trait to Remove Enemy Buffs

    Hello, I'm looking to create a weapon called the Dispel Staff. On a normal attack, I'd like for it to remove any buffs an enemy may have. (or as a set % chance to remove them) I see this is possible via the Skills UI on the Param tab. "Remove Debuff". Even using a State via the weapon when...
  4. LazESigma

    Checking if a switch is ON in a script

    Very surprised I haven't see this question yet. I've mostly seen the answer to how to use SetValue in a script to set a switch to true or false. I want to check if my switch (ID = 269) is ON. This doesn't seem to work. if ($gameSwitches.Value[269]) { //code if switch 269 is ON } What is...
  5. LazESigma

    Hook Save Game to Save State on Android

    Hello, I have ported my MV rpg game to Android. The big problem I see is when minimizing your game or basically leaving the app to do something else. Is there a way to have a save state so you don't have to return to the Title screen if you stop playing the game to do something else...
  6. LazESigma

    Unable to Continue game on ported Android game

    Hello, I created the .apk file using the help file and was able to install my RPG Maker MV game to my Android phone. One BIG problem.  After saving my game, the "Continue" option never is enabled.  It's like it never actually saved my game to the phone. Did I miss some step during...
  7. LazESigma

    Item Drop Conditions AND Enemy more than 3 drops

    Hello, what I'm looking for seems to be a combination of Yanfly's script that uses notetags to allow enemies to drop more than just 3 items. It also must have conditions such as Hime's Drop Item Sets. Here is what I am trying to do. I have 8 resource items.  (Water, Stone, Ore, ...) My...
  8. LazESigma

    Debugging Messagebox in a Battle Window

    Hello, I am trying to fix a bug in a custom dual wield script in the class Scene_Battle. To assist with this, I'd like to know if the Actor used the Attack command or the Item command. (The bug is the dual wielding actor uses the item twice) I want to return a messagebox to me (during the...
  9. LazESigma

    Using a script to check if an Accessory is Equipped

    Hello, I found this script to check if an actor has a weapon equipped. $game_actors[actor id].weapons.include?($data_weapons[weapon id]) How can I use this to check if a specific Accessory is equipped? The accessory ID is 73 in my case. I want to basically put this in a Conditional Branch to...
  10. LazESigma

    Monster Casting a Skill to Remove all Buffs

    Hello, I have a skill called "Purge" that will Remove any Buff parameter on a hero. (ATK, MAT, MDF, LUK, ect...) What I'm trying to figure out is the enemy casting this can currently cast it whenever. I want to conditionally have the enemy only cast Purge when a hero actually has a Buff that...
  11. LazESigma

    Exterior Tiles Edging Grass Issue

    Hello, I'm trying to modify one of the sample towns in RPG Maker VX Ace. I want to simulate what is going on the left side of the town. The sea wall butts up against the grass and a small grey edging is showing. I cannot duplicate this on the right side of town. (it creates a top AND bottom...

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