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  1. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Hi there! Welcome to the world of Eastwind! A beautiful island near the edge of this world and the next. The first demo is now available on! Story Plagued by recurring monster invasions, the king of Eastwind has instituted the Eastwind Heroics, a grand tournament open to all...
  2. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ VisuStella Movement Core - Ship \ player problem!

    Hi there, I've got a problem with VisuStella's movement plugin. I have a ship (vehicle) that should be able to cross the water, (when the player is in it) but when the player exits, he should not be able to walk across the water. But if I designate a certain region impassable for walking, the...
  3. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ Battle back resizing with custom resolution

    Hi there, I am using the VisuMZ Core plugin, as well as the VisuMZ battle plugin, and I have a problem with my battle backs! They are automatically resized, which I really don't want. But I can't seem to find an option to turn off the resizing of battle backs. Anyone know how to do this...
  4. Fasoldgames

    [RPG Maker MZ] I can't seem to reposition my frontview enemy right.

    Hi there, I'm using the frontview battle system in RPG Maker MZ, with a custom resolution of 1920 by 1200. I would like to use rather large enemy images for the frontview enemies, but I can't find any option to reposition them properly. As they are fairly large, they just extend beyond the...
  5. Fasoldgames

    RMMZ Battler Breathing plugin?

    Hi guys, For RPG Maker MV, Yanfly has created a nifty plugin that gives battlers a breathing \ floating effect. I really like this. I was wondering, is there a RPG Maker MZ plugin that does the same thing? Thanks! Best regards, Fasold
  6. Fasoldgames

    RMMV BeetleQuest!

    Welcome to BeetleQuest! Beetlequest is an adventure\point & click game inspired by older games like King's Quest and Legends of Kyrandia. It is based on a children's books and fairytales, and it's main audience would be younger players. But I personally think it would be for all ages! :)...
  7. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds - Nightfall

    Welcome to Lantern of Worlds - Nightfall! Lantern of Worlds - Nightfall is the 3rd game in the Lantern of Worlds saga, and tells the story of the great villain of the saga, the wizard Branimir. The game will be made with RPG Maker MV and feature custom art, plug-ins and voice acting...
  8. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds - The Story of Layla

    Greetings and Salutations! Work has begun on the 3rd game in the Lantern of Worlds series, Lantern of Worlds - The Story of Layla. Story In the game, you play as Layla, a former, high-ranking member of a secret order of assassins. During one of your missions, you find that something is very...
  9. Fasoldgames

    Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest!

    Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest is available on Steam! A game of fantasy and storytellling, based on fairytales and European mythology. Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest tells the story of how a great tournament is announced in the royal city of Idunia. The winner of the tournament...
  10. Fasoldgames

    Player Movement problem

    Hi there, I have a bit of a problem, and I cannot figure out the solution! I am using Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin for a mini-game within my main game. But.....when the mini-game is activated, the player can still freely roam the map. I would like the player to stay in place until...
  11. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest

    Hi there! I've been away for a while, but I have resumed work on my second game with RPG Maker MV. "Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest" "Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest" is an adventure game inspired by West-European fairytales and mythology, and based on older games like Quest for Glory...
  12. Fasoldgames

    Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest

    I was busy with Lantern of Worlds - Mountains of Ravendal, but I decided to set the project on hold for now, and work on a smaller game first, the prologue for the main Lantern of Worlds story. Lantern of Worlds - The First Quest is an RPG inspired by West-European fairytales and...
  13. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds II - Mountains of Ravendal

    Lantern of Worlds - Mountains of Ravendal is an RPG inspired by Gothic stories, Slavic mythology and Bram Stoker's Dracula. The game takes place in a land of mist and moonlight, of wolfs howling in the distance, and the feeling of strange magics in the chilly mountain air. Do you love spooky...
  14. Fasoldgames

    Lantern of Worlds Book 1

    Lantern of Worlds is a computer game based on Arabian mythology and the tales of 1001 Nights. It is a fantasy RPG inspired by older games like Quest for Glory and Eye of the Beholder. The most important aspect of the game is storytelling and narration, combined with a simple to understand combat...
  15. Fasoldgames

    Game slowing down\lagging

    Hi, I have a strange problem. When I start to play test my game, it runs fine at first. The menu opens and closes without delay, and the events run smooth as well. But then, after some time, the menu starts to open and close with a delay, and a general delay seems to creep into the game play...
  16. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Lantern of Worlds

    Having been in the Early Project section of the forum, Lantern of Worlds is now ready to be moved to the Project development section! Lantern of Worlds is a computer game based on Arabian mythology and the tales of 1001 Nights. It is a fantasy RPG inspired by older games like Quest for Glory...
  17. Fasoldgames

    Main Character Sprite

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: See below Hi, I'm looking for a sprite sheet for the main character of my game. I have a character another artist did, but I think it does not fit the game too well. To comment on it, his chin is a bit.....fat, and his stance is...
  18. Fasoldgames

    Map to Ship Music

    Hi everyone, I have a small problem with a ship in my project. I have a BGM music piece playing on the main map, and when I enter a ship, the ship music does not start, the BGM map music piece just stops for a moment, and then starts again. I was looking around for a plugin that would let me...
  19. Fasoldgames

    RMMV Legends of Idunia - New Demo

    Update: I thought I'd introduce myself properly, and to tell something more about the game. I am a 34 year old male from the Netherlands, and I have been busy for quite some time with making board games. One of them, Legends of Idunia, I have made via the Gamecrafter website, and this computer...
  20. Fasoldgames

    Slow down text scroll speed

    Hi, I would like to display a story within my game, using scrolling text, but the text scroll, even at the lowest speed of 1, is still too fast. Is it possible to slow down the text scroll speed? Thanks!

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