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  1. Cythera

    Steal Mechanics and Rates

    Hello! I wanted to start a bit of a discussion and get some opinions on steal mechanics! It's a two-part topic. Topic One: Do you as a player actually use steal mechanics? Yes, it's neat. You can get free items from enemies - or even NPCs! But how often do you as a player actually use a...
  2. Cythera

    Loot Boxes

    Wait, wait! Please kindly set your pitchforks down for just a minute, okay? I KNOW we've all been hurt by the gacha loot boxes before. The games that demand endless hours to farm that loot box, only to give you absolute junk. The mobile micro-transaction games that spit out highly unbalanced...
  3. Cythera

    RMMV Origin Hunt

    A kidnapped monster in a foreign country caught in a secret war between seven of the most powerful mages alive. ~~Hey. Want to know something cool? There's a demo download below :kaopride:~~ ~~Dev has lied; the download has been pulled temporarily. Real life stress and burnout caused some...
  4. Cythera

    RMMV Gates of Trinity

    Gates of Trinity I made this game for the 5th Driftwood Game Jam, and finally decided to post it here as well! The game jam challenged people to make a 5-30 minute game using only RTP resources and plugins, provided the plugins required no additional resources to function. I had a lot of fun...
  5. Cythera

    Elemental Advantage

    I think I can safely assume everyone is familiar with the whole 'elements' system in games. That Fire-beats-Ice concept. There are some more creative elements out there - time, space, plasma, etc - though the concept remains the same: some elements have an advantage over other elements. So, how...
  6. Cythera

    Legendary Weapons

    Legendary weapons can be found in...a lot...of games. Those sparkly, strong weapons that typically involve elaborate side quests and puzzles or the dreaded mini-games to complete. Okay, the dreaded mini-game may be my personal preference - FFX anyone? Curse the 00:00 chocobo race! Then again...
  7. Cythera

    A Big Step: Posting Your Game?

    So, I've been on the fence about posting a demo of my game for a long while now. I've put a lot into it, and I would love some people to play it, and would really appreciate feedback on it. However, the idea of putting my work out there is...daunting to say the least. I've always been anxious...
  8. Cythera

    Additional Turns: Fun or Game-Breaking?

    Let's talk additional turns: player or enemy can act multiple times in their turn - nothing crazy. 'Additional Turns' is pretty self-explanatory. But is it a good idea? On the plus side, it can give players a chance to drag themselves back from the brink of death with heals or items. If enemies...
  9. Cythera

    Longer Cutscenes: Keeping Them Engaging

    I could probably do a longer title - you know, to match with the longer cutscenes topic? Okay, that was really poor humour. Perhaps that's a way to keep a longer cutscene engaging? ;) Alright, no more bad humour, I promise. A big part in a lot of RPG's is story and characters. It's a...
  10. Cythera

    State Immune Pop-Up

    Hello! I've been trying to add in a state immune pop-up and have not been very successful :( I link states frequently to player skills - one skill has a 60% Stun chance, another has a 45% Burn chance, etc etc. However, some enemies are immune to these states. I want to implement a short text...
  11. Cythera

    Update Variable in Skill Text Box

    First, I'm using YEP Skill Learn System and JP plugins - so hopefully I'm in the right place to post this! It's not a plugin error, so I believe I am... I made learnable skills for each character that uses JP to boost a stat, with increasing costs, and a max 'boost' count. The number of times...
  12. Cythera


    Hello there! After putting over 1000 hours into MV, I decided I'm overdue to join the community. I'm a shy person, so it may take a little while to truly get into the forums :blush: Regarding games, my interests lie in story-driven, difficult RPG's. I love a good, complex story with quirky...

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