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  1. Soul X Regalia Plugins [MV]

    Oh crude, had no idea!
  2. Soul X Regalia Plugins [MV] Seems like there is a treasure trove of plugins that have been deleted/lost. Does anyone have a place to get backups?
  3. Burning Orca Shops

    When writing the plugin command, I wrote OpenShop <FPshop1> instead of just OpenShop FPshop1. I thought that the "< >" was necessary to have in the plugin command. I thought this because other plugins will use "<>" in their commands like <cannot discard> in yanflys.
  4. Can't Change Menu Opacity

    Thanks for the reply! So after rearranging them in the correct order, the problem still persists.
  5. Burning Orca Shops

    When I talk to NPC with the plugin command, I get this. edit: realized its because I kept the <> tags. Is it common practice to remove them in other plugins? If not, I would suggest indicating that for new users. Thanks for the plugin!
  6. $gameSystem.versionId is not a function [YEP CoreEngine.js]

    Hey guys, yes it turns out it was an incompatible plugin that was calling that function. Thank you for the help.
  7. Can't Change Menu Opacity

    I am using Yanflys core plugin set to 255 max but it doesn't get rid of the slight opacity, I want it to be completely solid. Also, I was using the YEP Options Core plugin, which lets you change the color of the menu, which I suspect might have caused the problem because when I uploaded my...
  8. $gameSystem.versionId is not a function [YEP CoreEngine.js]

    I get this error when trying to load a save from my project. :( Everything was working before. Game is able to start a new game and save, but trying to continue crashes the project. Any solutions? YEP_CoreEngine.js:1098 TypeError: $gameSystem.versionId is not a function at...

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