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  1. Eye bag resource

    I suppose I can do that, so I'll experiment that for the meantime. Though I suppose there might be an existing one that is drastically better than what I might pull off.
  2. Eye bag resource

    Hello guys, I have been looking deep and hard for one particular asset. I want to make a character that is sleep deprived because who can't resist those kinds of people? Searching it here, there are no results that match it, not even in sites identical to this, so I would appreciate it if...
  3. Force Action error

    It works now, thank you very much, caethyril (err, is there some way to tag someone?) Problem resolved, this thread is ready to be closed anytime!
  4. Force Action error

    I will test this out right away. Thank you for the assistance!
  5. Force Action error

    Hiya guys, I could use some help as I am new with this Force Action. I am using plugins from Yanfly, and trying to make a functional state until... I have used this for my State, and it led to what you see above here: <Custom Leave Effect> var skill = 112; var target = -2...
  6. Hairstyle Request

    Ill do just that, thanks!
  7. Hairstyle Request

    Hmm, yeah, I remember visiting that one, but I wonder if there is any SV, TV, TVD, and Variation sprites though asides from that of the face.
  8. Hairstyle Request

    Hello again, right now, I'm looking for someone who has a hairstyle identical to Jin Kazama. I saw from Phantom Deemo, but his link is broken and corrupt that I can't even unzip it. For reference, this is what it looks like, and if anyone has a copy, please lemme know
  9. Looking for some horns

    Hey, guys! I've just joined recently, and I have been seeing some horns, which I have no idea on what category do they belong to in the generator, and even if I did know, there is actually one kind of horn that I am looking for, specifically MV. If anyone is familiar with Nubian goats and their...

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