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    Thank you so much for this release. I would also greatly appreciate a "on state" variation, but just the HP% offers a lot of flexibility for me.
  2. Front View vs Side view

    I like front view for dungeon crawlers, and side view for more traditional JRPG styles. I wish there were more plugins and battle systems for the front view, just to give it a fighting chance.
  3. RMMV Therassia

    I hate to necro my own thread, but I do want to thank Royce for notifying me that someone posted this to the app store without consent, credits or attribution. I would LOVE to do an official release, I am currently working on doing drawing cutscenes and doing the graphics in a consistent style...
  4. Weapon that attacks 1~5 times...

    Yanfly's plugins have the ability to do this. You can modify the "Chain Attack" weapon script to do what you'd like. (It's based on the action sequence/damage core plugin) The plugins are available for purchase from his site if you don't already have them.
  5. MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    This is amazing! Thanks for the hard work!
  6. Attack's formulae for each weapons

    I occasionally do this. Some games every weapon type has a different attack formula, others it's on hit effects, and others it's passive bonuses that change the character in meaningful ways. The risk when you have each weapon using its own formula is when there's a change to something and you...
  7. Need help with Damage Formula for a Game with "Very Low Numbers"

    I would go with a very bog standard (a.atk - b.def/2), and put in roughly 50% variance. Without knowing exactly how you want to map out your Hits To Kill, and your encounter rate it's a bit tough, but keeping your damage formula simple often works best with low numbers. Keeping it very simple...
  8. Creating A Linear World Map

    So, boiling it down to the bare basics, you could do this with Yanfly's Region Restrictions, events that block the player from advancing, and switches to turn those events off. You'd use Region Restrictions to map out the areas the player could go. The blocking events would make it so that the...
  9. Ability only effective while having X State

    Without seeing the database and the exact formula and how it's being applied, I think it's the else{0} that's giving grief. Try a.isStateAffected(29) ? a.addState(75) : 0; change a.addState to b.addState as necessary as I don't know which one you're trying to apply to who. All that said...
  10. Ability only effective while having X State

    I believe your addstate is missing an a.addState(75) or a b.addState(75) just looking at the above.
  11. Things to avoid in your game

    Around stuns and other status effects with low hit percents: Either the player needs a way to make these more accurate, or they need specific targets where they will always work. Setting a skill to a 50/50, you're going to have people complain that it "always" misses because our brains are...
  12. Things to avoid in your game

    I just don't have the time to play games like I used to. So these are pretty personal. Save Limitations I would say that everyone should avoid limiting where and when you can save, because if your game makes it hard for me to jump in and out of, I just won't play it. Long Cut Scenes and...
  13. OcRam - Battle_EX plugin (for MV)

    This looks like it could be the plugin that I needed to pull my last project out of a holding pattern. I really wanted to mix up what enemies appeared where, and absolutely love that this appears to let me do it.
  14. RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (May Update)

    Thanks for the detailed instructions. When I have more time I will see if I can implement this in my randomizer game.
  15. Caethyril's Plugins

    Thank you so much! I'll give both of these a try and see what feels right.
  16. Caethyril's Plugins

    I got around to using the Backview plugin, and it does work great. I was wondering if it's possible to have the party order swapped around? Right now it is Right to Left, would it be possible to have other arrangements like Left to Right, or 1st character center, others on the sides? Thanks...
  17. "Last Get" Text, "Loss Get" Text

    You have no idea how much time this will save me. I have so many unique strings I have to reference and update and this massively improves my life. Thanks!
  18. Give me an example of a good, simple stat and damage formula

    I honestly use some extremely complex systems for getting the numbers I want, but in essence they can be boiled down to a few rather simple formulas. Attack = Weapon Attack Power (I set this as another variable, or use a formula to pull it out of the users a.atk value) Multiplier =...
  19. SRD Timed Attack Action Sequence

    I was using this plugin, but found that there were several issues with it. It seems to be unsupported currently, and I would recommend not using it unless fixes and compatibility patches are released. As far as I know, there isn't another, similar plugin that's functioning, but I would be...
  20. RNG and "fun" of the game

    Really good advice there on how to handle the nature of "RNG" and give the players choice and agency. It's important to remember that human brains are weird when it comes to both Randomness and to Percentage Chances. So, let's say you have a 40% chance to fail a task, but a 60% chance to...

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