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  1. StrawberrySmiles

    Making a skill that only works when enemy's HP is below a certain level

    As the title says... Is it possible to have a skill that only works when the enemy's HP is below a certain percentage? I tried looking into formulas and such, but I'm smart enough to figure it out. My main character is supposed to weaken her foe with, then attempt to "instakill" when said foe...
  2. StrawberrySmiles

    (MV) Weird Visual Glitches in Editor

    I just got a new laptop a couple of days ago. Whenever I use RPG Maker MV, these weird... graphic things keep popping up. This only happens in RPG Maker and nowhere else. My specs are... OS: Windows 10 Home Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-1005G1 CPU @ 1.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.2GHz RAM: 8.00 GB...
  3. StrawberrySmiles

    Animations Help

    I don't think I understand the animations tab in the database. I deleted everything, except for the first one, and just replaced the graphic with something else. Though the graphic doesn't show up on the bottom. And I don't know how to drag the last animation to the middle area. (No image at...
  4. StrawberrySmiles

    RMMV Monster of the Mines

    SYNOPSIS In the mining town of Silverheart, nothing ever happens. Until one evening, one of the workers exits the quarry with a missing hand, collapsing only a stone's throw distance from the entrance. The eccentric Ellinor wants to help and drags her only friend, the outsider, Cael, with...
  5. StrawberrySmiles

    RMMV Battleback Renders Too Large For Window

    Hello (again)! I've scoured through my plugins and their settings, but couldn't figure out why my battleback is loaded as a huge image instead of scaled like my title screen. Here is what I mean... My battleback compared to the default from the engine: Selecting it in the database: In...
  6. StrawberrySmiles

    RMMV EXP Gauge Not Changing Image

    Hello (again)! I found this neat plugin by Shaz, which allows one to replace the gauges on the menus with images (scroll down to the correct post of my link brings you to the top of the thread). Here are what my gauges look for now: As you can see, the EXP gauge looks very out of place...
  7. StrawberrySmiles

    RMMV Text Alignment in Menu

    Hopefully this a simple fix; though I could not figure out myself. I want the gold number to aligned to the right. I have a feeling it's related to this section Yanfly's Core Engine code: Or this section of code from SumRndmDde Alt FF7 Menu: I'm using this plugin to change the word "time"...
  8. StrawberrySmiles

    RMMV SRD's Menu Status Customizer Error

    Hello, I'm trying to use this script, but I keep getting an error when opening my menu. Here are the custom fields I've used: And here are the plugins I'm using: (There are two not shown at the top: CP_Star_Passibility_Fix and CP_Large_Sprite_Fix). Any help would be grand!
  9. StrawberrySmiles

    Would This Be Weird

    I made the title kind of vague because otherwise, I wouldn't have much to mention in the body. XD How strange, or jarring, would it be playing the "safe areas" (like towns) in the typical top-down view, then when entering a dungeon, everything is first-person? In my game, I plan to have one...
  10. StrawberrySmiles

    Row Formation Help

    I'm using Yanfly's Row Formation. My game only has two characters and two rows (they can never share the same row, either). I need the person in the front row to be the party leader. It seems so simple, yet I can't figure it out. Thanks!
  11. StrawberrySmiles

    Galv's Bust Menu Edit

    Hello, I'm using Galv's Bust Menu! I'd like to remove the TP information and add some parameters instead (STR, DEF, and AGI only). These would probably all have to move up in order to actually display well. Here's what my menu looks like SO FAR: Thanks for any help!
  12. StrawberrySmiles

    Autotile Help

    I've been using tiles from (all edited by me). And most don't have autotiles that fit RPG Maker's layout. And it hasn't been turning out very pretty. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Here's an example. The autotile attached is resized by 300% from 16x16.
  13. StrawberrySmiles

    Ruined and/or Snow Town Tiles?

    Style: MV 48x48 I feel like I've looked over and over, but can't seem to find destroyed or broken buildings. Worse yet, as with most resources, no snowy ones exist. General snow-covered town tiles would help, too. I downloaded all I could find on this site already, though. :( Can anyone point...
  14. StrawberrySmiles

    Auto-tile Edit

    I've been looking everywhere, but it seems impossible. Would anyone like to make an edit of the "flower" auto-tiles from L8rose's thread from grass to snow? I feel it'd be easier to make a flower garden that way. Thanks. P.S. Why are snow tiles so difficult to find? :(
  15. StrawberrySmiles

    Single-character battles?

    How would you make a single-character battle (turned-based) fun or engaging? I could only think of two ideas: skills as commands (like Pokemon) or timed attacks. Are there any games out there with a single-character battle system that you enjoy? What kind of ideas do you have?
  16. StrawberrySmiles

    RMMV Ghost Shards: Adventure

    Name: Ghost Shards Adventure Genre: Adventure, Puzzle Ghost Shards: Adventure is a stealth/puzzle game where you control a 10-year-old girl trying to break into her father's laboratory. FEATURES Hide and sneak - avoid guards and adults by crawling, wall hugging, and tip-toeing across the...
  17. StrawberrySmiles

    Select Item + Item Description

    I found Ossra's add-on for "select item", but I'd like to add an icon and parameters based on Yanfly's Item Core (where it says "Max HP Heal", "Max MP Heal", etc.). Even after looking or researching for a way to add it on my own in Ossra's add-on, I couldn't figure it out. How can I do this...
  18. StrawberrySmiles

    How to Create a Race?

    When trying to event a race between the player and a couple of NPCs, I noticed that either the events go WAY faster then you, WAY slower than you, or the same speed. Which means you either have no chance, it's too easy, or it's a tie! How can I make it more... unpredictable? Controlling event...
  19. StrawberrySmiles

    Passiblity of an Event w/ No Graphic

    Set-up: We are using 3 events as the "line-of-sight" for an NPC. If you step onto this event, they go into alert mode. Currently, we are testing this using random graphics for the "line-of-sight" events. "Through" is checked, which allows them to land on the player, but not pass through tiles...
  20. StrawberrySmiles

    F9 Doesn't Work in the Editor

    I'm cross-posting this from the 1.6.0 Beta Test thread - just in case it's not a problem of the beta at all. Opening a brand-new project works. Using the existing project, doesn't work; with and without plugins. Here are two versions of the same project: One without plugins One with plugins...

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