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  1. LazESigma

    Speed Manager

    v1.1 seems to have no effect on the vehicles for me. I'm not using any other plugins for the boat, which is quite slow. I just want to bump it up to a 5 or 6. Does it matter where in the list this Plugin goes? EDIT: Once I renamed the plugin to "Speed Manager" (needed a space) it started doing...
  2. LazESigma

    Rare Candies

    I'm trying your plugin (works great) as a tool for my testers to quickly adjust individual character levels in-game from the Item Menu. For this is works great. I wanted a Level Down ability as well. I tried to copy the entire .js file into a new file, updating the names to...
  3. LazESigma

    Script call to see if a variable exists in an array.

    Thank you both very much for both usage of the modulo operator and for correcting my incorrect code. The roulette wheel is up and spinning!
  4. LazESigma

    Script call to see if a variable exists in an array.

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate some aspects of a roulette wheel in a gambling game. I'm using variables and currently have the numbers working. I'm attempting to use a variable array to easily check if the Number entered is either Red or Black. Rather than have 36 conditional branches, I was...
  5. LazESigma

    Terrax Lighting system

    Hopefully an easy one, but I'm noticing something erratic. I have Reset Switches set to "No" in the plugin and Kill Switch set to "No". I have one event in a cave set to this: Light 1500 #FFFFFF If I have an transfer event take me to another map (like a cut scene) then return me back to the cave...
  6. LazESigma

    Yanfly StealSnatch plugin glitch?

    Link to Yanfly's Steal Plugin:
  7. LazESigma

    Yanfly StealSnatch plugin glitch?

    Hello, I'm using the StealSnatch plugin and I enter the command to Snatch an item from a foe. But, because I'm using ATB, another player get's the jump ahead and kills the foe before Snatch is executed. This triggers a Method isStolen error in the plugin. I know this is probably because of the...
  8. LazESigma

    Weapon Trait to Remove Enemy Buffs

    Thanks, yeah. I do remember on a previous project I did the Buffs/Debuffs as States route. Because of not being able to Stack with multiple application, I was hoping to just use the straight Buff/Debuff mechanics. I do have Yanfly's Buffs & States Core installed so I'll see if his Youtube has...
  9. LazESigma

    Weapon Trait to Remove Enemy Buffs

    Hello, I'm looking to create a weapon called the Dispel Staff. On a normal attack, I'd like for it to remove any buffs an enemy may have. (or as a set % chance to remove them) I see this is possible via the Skills UI on the Param tab. "Remove Debuff". Even using a State via the weapon when...
  10. LazESigma

    YEP Extensions by Aloe Guvner

    Menu Parameter Control is great and exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much for creating this!
  11. LazESigma

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    I'm having trouble what should be a basic thing here. I have a bow user with Bow-related skills. When using the skills like "Aim", the character performs a generic animation that isn't her firing a bow with the missile type animation. How do I accomplish this? I have all the animation sequence...
  12. LazESigma

    Serif Damage Popup

    Awesome job, I'll give this a shot in my next game and credit you!
  13. LazESigma

    RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 Update!

    Does Export to PC not produce an .exe anymore? It used to I believe until this update. Now I see a Game.rpgproject file instead of a Game.exe. How can you share with others who don't own the software now?
  14. LazESigma

    Szyu's Crafting System

    I think Q/W was eliminated after both the parameters and the ingredients got placed on the same screen. I also am trying to figure out where the Item Description is!!!
  15. LazESigma

    Szyu's Crafting System

    Just downloaded the latest version. Glad to see the parameters on the same screen as the ingredients! One thing. Where is the description for the Item you are making? If something doesn't provide Stat increases but has a special ability, being able to see the description of the item you are...
  16. LazESigma

    Checking if a switch is ON in a script

    Thanks mogwai, that is indeed the case. :) //facepalm
  17. LazESigma

    Checking if a switch is ON in a script

    Very surprised I haven't see this question yet. I've mostly seen the answer to how to use SetValue in a script to set a switch to true or false. I want to check if my switch (ID = 269) is ON. This doesn't seem to work. if ($gameSwitches.Value[269]) { //code if switch 269 is ON } What is...
  18. LazESigma

    VE - Dual Wield

    I understand, thanks Ramza for your help.
  19. LazESigma

    VE - Dual Wield

    Okay. Is there a drop box for older versions, or possibly a way you can attach the 1.02 .js file to your reply? :)

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