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  1. Lyricanna

    Probably should have posted here first

    Yeah, I usually just lurk around forums and skip the introductions when I finally create an account. I just didn't really do that this time as I initially made this account to download plugins and other helpful assets for messing around. I only decided to post here when I saw the "waiting for...
  2. Lyricanna

    Probably should have posted here first

    Hello everyone!~ I didn't exactly realize how the whole moderator approval thing works and posted a plugin before even introducing myself. So, er... whoops? Anyway, I'm Lyricanna. I picked up RPG Maker MV a few months back when it was on sale and have mostly been just messing around with it...
  3. Lyricanna

    Lyricanna's Battle Mechanics Core

    Battle Mechanics Core Heyo, Lyricanna here. A brand new game developer and somewhat incompetent programmer with a bad habit of always jumping straight into the deep end. I've been messing around with RPG Maker MV for a couple of months now and have found myself somewhat annoyed at how vague...

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"This is the real secret to life - To be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play."
Me: "I don't to use other engines because I'd have to do a lot of coding."

Also my desktop right now....

...I literally spend more time using VS Code than MZ. :kaoswt:
actually, are there any JRPG type games (I guess turn based, so not ARPGs like say, Vagrant Story) where you have only one party member for the majority of the game? (I wonder if I'm forgetting something obvious.)
*sigh* This one turned out really well... except for the left arm pose...

Yes I purposely cutout the arm cause from the pic
A month into making my life/dating sim game and I've finally finished making all of the love interests :kaocry: I still have to make most of their emotion range and overworld sprites but aye I'm proud of myself.

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