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  1. Yanfly Target Core - Custom Target Eval issues

    I am trying to replicate some very old school methods of assigning enemy targeting. The character in the first position takes 50% of the damage, the character in the next stop takes 25%, the last 2 take 12% each. I have a rough formula laid out for it, but it's clearly not working, and my...
  2. RMMV RMRandomizer - An Open World Randomized RPG Experience

    RMRandomizer SYNOPSIS The central idea is for a semi-open world, randomized game. This is a very rough, proof of concept alpha. This was built as an "open" world randomizer. Similar to FF4: Free Enterprise, or the Link to the Past randomizers. The idea was to have dungeons offer different...
  3. RMMV Therassia

    Welcome to Therassia Our World of Therassia finds itself upon interesting times. Her story, familiar, one retold throughout the ages. The Gods are quiet, still. Have they abandoned their people? Have they forsaken this world? Kings and Queens struggle for power. Empires rise. Tyrants are born...
  4. Calvynne's Sci-Fi Battlers

    Calvynne’s Sci-Fi Battlers Almost all of my games have a heavy Science Fantasy / Science Fiction bent to them, and I am often stuck with a limited pool of sci-fi related resources to use. There aren’t a lot of battlers out there, so I started working on my own set. I took a lot of inspiration...

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actually, are there any JRPG type games (I guess turn based, so not ARPGs like say, Vagrant Story) where you have only one party member for the majority of the game? (I wonder if I'm forgetting something obvious.)
*sigh* This one turned out really well... except for the left arm pose...

Yes I purposely cutout the arm cause from the pic
A month into making my life/dating sim game and I've finally finished making all of the love interests :kaocry: I still have to make most of their emotion range and overworld sprites but aye I'm proud of myself.

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