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  1. RMMZ Is there an MZ version of YSP_VideoPlayer?

    Or is someone working on anything similar?? link for reference:
  2. What is the right resolution for busts?

    I was mostly wondering about this. Does it even matter??
  3. What is the right resolution for busts?

    So I've been using krita to make character busts, but im not sure what are the right setings for size and resolution. Any pointers?
  4. RMMZ BUST plugin?

    lol yup! but did you check the comments? where i ask about portraits/busts?
  5. RMMZ BUST plugin?

    I asked here: And he said he was working on one.
  6. RPG Maker MZ Typescript edition What does this mean for the project?
  7. RMMZ Skill tree plugin for MZ

    I took a quick glance at github, and at the top says: target @target MV MZ does this mean that MV plugins are compatible with MZ if so how much modding is needed?

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