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  1. HazukiWolfe

    Help with auto tiles

    I'm trying to make my own tilesets but I'm having trouble trying to understand how the tiles work for water and what not. could someone send me to a tutorial that explains how the tiles in RPG maker MV work?
  2. HazukiWolfe

    Looking for Phoenix related tile sets for MV

    does anyone know where I can find Phoenix statues, banners or anything Phoenix like? like the dragon or angel statues in the games titleset
  3. HazukiWolfe

    Help with title screen

    So I have this vision in my head. the title screen starts up and it shows the title of my game and in the background it shows a picture, there are rose petals softly blowing in the breeze and in the middle it just says "start" and after clicking start, it takes the player to another screen where...
  4. HazukiWolfe

    Is it even worth it?

    So I'm making a game for about a year now and Ive gotten to the point where I'm wondering it I should even continue. I use others amazing tile sets and music cause I'm not that good at pixel art. I do make my own characters and Ive been told they are ok. (example ) but I'm not good at objects...
  5. HazukiWolfe

    Looking for MV tile sets for castles

    I'm looking for stuff that could go with PandaMaru's Royal addon.
  6. HazukiWolfe

    Help with making Ore respawn

    so I watched this video and followed it but it doesn't show how to get the mines to respawn. could someone help me out?
  7. HazukiWolfe

    Looking for Japanese type of BGM and sounds

    What the title says. I'm having trouble finding some so I'm hoping someone could help me.
  8. HazukiWolfe

    Help with attack animation being to fast for custom animation to finish

    So I'm using YED Side view battler plugin and I have a custom attack for just the normal hit which is 6 frames long. How can I get it so the game will let the frames finish before cutting off the last few frames?
  9. HazukiWolfe

    Looking for a SV battle animation plugin for TP

    I'm sorry if I didn't post this in the right place >.< What I'm looking for is a plugin that does a custom animation for side view battlers. I have the Yed Side view battler plug in but it only has spots for walk, wait, chant, guard, damage, evade, thrust, swing, missile, skill, spell, item...
  10. HazukiWolfe

    Help with changing event image

    So here is what I'm trying to do. I have a character who is in a training area and I want him to go through a character sheet of the animation I made for him where he hits the dummy. How can I make this work
  11. HazukiWolfe

    Having trouble with parallax.

    Sorry if I didn't post this in the right place. So I'm still learning how to do to parallax mapping and all was going well, but for some reason, on a map that's W:14 H:9. I did the thing where you multiply with 48 and did my thing on photoshop and it seemed to work till I got into the actual...
  12. HazukiWolfe

    Plugin to help change sprites mid battle

    I'm looking for a way to change my battle sprites mid battle. What I want to do if give the option to change weapons mid battle and with that, the sprite changes so its holding that weapon.
  13. HazukiWolfe

    looking for a plugin that resizes SV battlers (not monsters)

    I'm sorry if this is an easy find x.x Im just blind but Im looking for a plugin that resizes the players SV battlers
  14. HazukiWolfe

    where can I find this plug-in?

    Vibrato put out a new video and Ive been looking for something like this. Where can I find this plug-in?
  15. HazukiWolfe

    Help with a SV battler plugin please

    So I use YED sideview battler and I was wondering how to do this with it. Is this the same plugin or is it a different one? if it is the same plugin then how do I have the character attack like that with all those extra movements?
  16. HazukiWolfe

    Having more trouble with YED Sideview Battlers....

    So I posted here once before about this plugin where I couldn't get it to work right. That got fixed and I was able to fully animate my first character but now I'm having a new problem. I made a new char thats going to be #2 in the party. I made the frames, put in the right code and it worked...
  17. HazukiWolfe

    Looking for a plugin that adds ultimate attacks

    Im sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Im looking for something that adds a skill like limit break or just an ultimate attack like in final fantasy
  18. HazukiWolfe

    Having trouble with the casting animation

    so I have custom animations and they work but what bothers me is my character will do the casting animation , go back to walk animation while a light circle spell goes off then the character uses the spell animation. how do I make it that the casting animation happens with the magical...
  19. HazukiWolfe

    any new Sideview battler plugins like YEDs?

    I've been trying to get YED's sideview battlers to work but I guess it doesnt work with the updated MV. am I screwed?
  20. HazukiWolfe

    How do I use YED SideView Battler?

    I just don't understand it v.v I think I have the frames right but it just scrolls through the frames without doing the animations

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