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  1. Dev_With_Coffee

    RMMZ and RMMV - Advanced Change SaveLocation

    Download: GitHub Version: 0.4 (Test) Terms of use: It is allowed to modify Can be used in commercial and non-commercial games It is not necessary to credit me, but I am happy if you do. About: This Plugin works on games made with RMMV and RMMZ But only those exported to Windows and using the...
  2. Dev_With_Coffee

    RM2K Game - Windowed Mode

    This is a method using a helper program, see working in this video: First download the program through this link: Password: RpgMaker2000 I have tested on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, still plan to test on Windows 7...
  3. Dev_With_Coffee

    Hit the key to dodge the enemy on the map

    Download: Via GOOGLEDRIVE (Sorry for my bad English ...) What's in that system: A type of enemy that dies simple A type of enemy that resurrects after 10 seconds in the same place where it died A Switch to restore all enemies on the current map A test map of the overuse of enemies on the same...
  4. Dev_With_Coffee

    Fix error Failed to load data/Actors.json

    This error happens because you try to play a game in the web browser directly when running INDEX.HTML. Modern browsers have a security system that prevents local files from trying to capture information from other sites via AJAX, but you can disable this security (CROSS-ORIGIN). The...

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