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  1. Traveling Bard

    RMMV How can I debug my plugins easier in RPG Maker MV?

    Hi, I'm learning Javascript and trying to find an easy way to debug my plugins but have been having some difficulty. Here's what I've tried: 1. Using the app itself, I'll press f8 and get the nw.js dev console and set breakpoints under the source tab; however, unlike in chrome's dev console, it...
  2. Traveling Bard

    How to have an event trigger if you haven't moved for a certain time?

    So, here's what I've got so far... If the player doesn't leave this path (a literal road) for the entire game, then at the end they will reach this spot where it's the end of the road where I'll reward them with buffs and an achievement. I'll also have a small bit of dialogue, telling them that...
  3. Traveling Bard

    Starting Equipment: Random, Preset, or Chosen by the player?

    I'm making a game where you select heroes to form teams and then run through quick 15-20 minute adventures where you defeat monsters, overcome skill challenges, and vanquish powerful bosses. That said, I'm having trouble deciding the best way to handle starting equipment for these adventure...
  4. Traveling Bard

    Looking for Feedback: Story snippets from my rpg in the making

    I have a few heroes and "story snippets" that I sprinkle throughout a hero's quest/adventure. My game is done in such a way where there is sort of a loop: story -> encounters (skill checks or battles where you get loot) -> a town/shop phase (where you level up, buy/sell equipment, upgrade stuff...
  5. Traveling Bard

    What color should a poison slime be?

    I'm making a game that includes poison slimes and at first I was like "well obviously they should be purple", as opposed to the normal blue, the magical red, etc... But then I thought about it. Alot. And here we are. Thoughts?
  6. Traveling Bard

    Where do you place your textboxes & choice lists?

    I think I've spent more time on this than one should...figured I'd share what I found so it doesn't feel like I wasted time, haha. I am making a sort of dungeon crawler/rpg. You have x heroes, you build parties out of them, and tackle dungeons with them. As you progress through the dungeons &...
  7. Traveling Bard

    MV - Yanfly Item Core & Augment Attachment display questions

    Hey there! So, I've been playing around with these two scripts a bit and I have a few cosmetic questions. 1. Can you point me to the line or general direction of what I need to comment out to remove the ": 1" shown here? I managed to remove the cost of augments by manipulating the...
  8. Traveling Bard

    Skill eventing/plugin use help

    Hey all, So, I have a character that uses a skill similar to Pokémon's Rage or, more accurately, Seven Deadly Sins Derriere's Combo Star. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: 1. The ability, Enrage, will be used to give the user a state of Monstrous Rage. 2. The ability will not be...
  9. Traveling Bard

    Yanfly Buffs & States Core: Knockout removal doesn't trigger Custom Remove Effect

    Using: Yanfly's Buffs & States Core + Base Param Control plugins I've tested the functionality around Custom Remove Effect on a state & it appears to not actually run this "lunatic" code if the state in question was removed by Knockout (or death removal). Any ideas on how to trigger this effect...
  10. Traveling Bard

    Need to modify order of stats in Yanfly Battle Equip plugin

    I'm using yanfly's equip core and change battle equip plugins. I need to remove a few stats and reorder a few others... Not sure how to do that. Here's the specific goal: Removed: Max MP Luck New Order: my name (app name) Max HP Strength (attack) Dexterity (agility) Magic (magic attack) Bonus...
  11. Traveling Bard

    Yanfly States: How do I check if the target is the party leader?

    I am using Yanfly's Buffs & States Core on RPG Maker MV. My goal is to check if the leader (the first character in the party) is dead. If they are, then remove their passive buff to the party. If they are brought back to life, then add their passive buff back to the party. One complication...
  12. Traveling Bard

    Passive leader skill using Auto Passive State & Base Parameter Control not working out...

    So, I want to make a "passive leader skill" with the following criteria: 1. It's active only when a specific character is the "leader" & that character is alive. (they are always member #1 in the party) 2. The skill usually does something based on the leader's level (raises atk by leader level...
  13. Traveling Bard

    Thoughts on sharing profit for multi development?

    So, I'm a hobby developer looking to go commercial & am possibly teaming up with a close friend to finish a game project. We have zero completed games and this will be the first time we work together. I'm planning to have a meeting with him to talk through expectations and what he wants out of...
  14. Traveling Bard

    When did you make the jump to Commercial?

    I know there is a good amount of the community here that does this as a hobby & nothing more, but I know I am not alone in hoping that this nerdy hobby of mine ends up being a job. I am not there yet. In fact, I feel like I am only getting started. My question for the forum is kind of aimed at...
  15. Traveling Bard

    Looking for inspiration on an urban fantasy idea (modern witches/wizards)

    Any books, anime, or games that come to mind when you think of modern witches or wizards? Any with particularly interesting magic systems that stick out in your mind? Currently I've read or seen that are semi-related to this topic: Books -Harry Potter series -The Magicians series -The Dresden...
  16. Traveling Bard

    Taking a look at Relm's Sketch ability from FF6

    Every once in awhile I like to take a look at a classic game and ask a few questions from a designer's perspective like: What was that gameplay mechanic supposed to actually do? How would I attempt to make it better or what would I do differently? So today, I thought of Relm's sketch ability...
  17. Traveling Bard

    What should I do today?

    Hmm... so, here are my options as a single man on Valentine's day: 1. Go see Lego Batman 2. Purchase and play For Honor on it's release day (loved the free Beta) 3. Go to Red Lion Pub (an English bar here in Houston) for "Single's Celebration Day" 4. Partake of Maggiano's 3 course Italian food...
  18. Traveling Bard

    Copyright question on D&D creature use

    Hey there... So I have this doodle I've been working on that involves a fallen god looking to create a blight upon this forest in hopes of tainting it so badly that he will never be forgotten by the locals. Being forgotten = "death" to gods. Well, turns out this is a wordplay and he is literally...
  19. Traveling Bard

    Yanfly Buffs & States Core: how do you subtract a state turn for a user's state when the skill's tar

    I poured myself over the documentation and code attempting to figure out how to do this. I'm at a loss...  Basically, I have a state called surge that I use to Instant Cast Eval a skill. So as long as the user has the surge state, whatever skill is being used is an instant cast. I am using...
  20. Traveling Bard

    So... thoughts on I Am Setsuna?

    I am thinking about buying this game since it's on sale for roughly 27 bucks on PSN. Was wondering if anyone had any strong opinions on this game one way or the other. They ship it as an ode to Chrono Trigger... but the same thing was done with Citizens of Earth being an ode to Earthbound...

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