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  1. Lowell

    Freeform Armor Equipment Trick

    Similar to games such as Etrian Odyssey or Romancing SaGa 3, this small snippet allows you to equip armors in armor slot with a shared name, but prevents you from wearing two armors of the same type. For example if you equipped an armor labeled as Head Gear, you're be prevented from equipping...
  2. Lowell

    I Am Gunpla

    So I recently imported Gundam Breaker 3 for Vita an am currently having a blast with it. Went into the game wanting to build my fave gundam from the animes and wound up making something completely different, Imported the asian version for the english translation and bought a second copy for my...
  3. Lowell

    Skill SelfVariables

    Requesting a small script where skills have their own variables stored per actor that can be accessed via script calls and in-battle grabbing the actor id then skill id. I know of the Skill Proficiency Plugin however that plugin is incompatible with my current plugin setup (Yanfly Library)...
  4. Lowell

    Help with Complex Damage Script

    So I decided to try and write a somewhat complex damage script and keep getting 0 on the returns. The math itself isn't the issue since I have it working in Excel. My problems lies with the script turning 0 damage, likely due to the fact that it's not getting the weapon type, but I honestly...
  5. Lowell

    Interesting Bug, and potential additional feature?

    Not sure how it happened, and I haven't been able to replicate it since then, but I was using the steam edition of Rpg Maker one day and I was able to open up both the Database and Script windows simultaneously. While it is a bug, it was pretty useful as I was able to work a bit more efficiently...
  6. Lowell

    SaGa Project: BP Mechanic

    SaGa Project: BP Mechanic Ver. 2.00 By Lowell   This script recreates the BP Mechanic of the niche title Romancing SaGa: Minstrels Song by modifying MP to behave much like BP does in the game. Features Allows users to set an actors or enemies initial mp at the start of battle. These values...
  7. Lowell

    Romancing SaGa Project: Input Appreciated

    For a personal project of mines, I'm attempting to create a game that is highly influenced by Romancing SaGa and while the battle system is probably one of the main draws of the game series, I realize that a number of other aspects often don't get enough attention or are even ignored to some...
  8. Lowell

    Status Effects and Buff/Debuff Rates

    So I'm at a point where I'm fine-tuning my ailments, positive states, etc and wanted some insight from the players side. At the time of me writing this, I have about 25 ailments divided into five groups (Incapacitation, Physical, Mental, Special, and Binds). I know the number seams a bit...
  9. Lowell

    Need some support with notetags

    I'm trying to recreate the BP System found in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel's Song and I've got this much of it working already.   #========================================# Initial BP Setting#----------------------------------------# Grabs the Initial BP Value at the# start of battle and on...
  10. Lowell

    Game Design 101: Encounters

    In the Rpg Maker Community, one of the many overlooked areas is battles. A majority of users tend to make basic creatures with stats randomly thrown about to give the illusion of a difficult fight, never using a theme or giving them a specified role in combat. In an effort to improve upon this...

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