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  1. Nolonar

    My tree won't move

    Trees don't typically "move around", so maybe there's a misunderstanding. In fact, looking at your movement route, I doubt you intended for the tree to be physically moving around, because things don't usually move in a pattern like: _Γ, much less a tree. However, it's not unusual for RPG...
  2. Nolonar

    [Poll] Rounding Up/Down?

    Depends on what I'm trying to do. If I need integer operations (e.g. 5 / 2 = 2), I use Math.floor(). If I need to display floating numbers, but don't want the number to have a bazillion decimal digits, I may use Math.round() instead. They each have their use-case, though I don't remember when...
  3. Nolonar

    RMMZ How to pass a Variable is JS

    y += 5 works because y is a Number and 5 is also a Number. However, params["Number Param"] is a String (text). The + operator works differently with strings, and is known as the "concatenation operator" (as opposed to the "addition operator", when numbers are involved). For example: "Hello" +...
  4. Nolonar

    RMMV How to make an easy to understand multi-dimensional array in javascript

    Unfortunately not. At least not without putting var in front of the variable name. You can easily check this yourself: In JavaScript all global variables are stored in the window object. So when you create a global variable, for example with testvar = 42, you'll see that window.testVar is also...
  5. Nolonar

    RMMZ Adding properties to all existing and potential elements in array using prototype or similar? Adding objects to array.

    If I understand correctly, you want BISH.ship to be an array of actors (?), or at least an array of something that contains an actor, an id, a picId, a name, and a skin. Let's say it's an array of actors to keep things simple. The problem is that you've made an array that is also an actor, and...
  6. Nolonar

    Game Genres with the Least Innovation

    I'd say a game can be innovative in any genre, if it wants to. For example, Doki Doki Literature Club is pretty innovative as it makes clever use of the fact that it is a video game. For example, it forces you to delete actual game files to advance the story, and when you're running OBS (a...
  7. Nolonar

    RMMV How to make an easy to understand multi-dimensional array in javascript

    A few suggestions (remember: these are just suggestions; feel free to completely disregard them, especially if you feel confused): Avoid declaring variables without var, let, or const. For example: const grid = {}; const tWall = "X"; const tFloor = "O"; Without these keywords, you are...
  8. Nolonar

    False Swipe Attack Formula?

    Alternate formula: Math.min(150, b.hp - 1) It gives you the smaller number between 150 and HP-1.
  9. Nolonar

    RMMV check a number in a string

    Yes, you're looking for the pattern \d+, which matches at least 1 digit. Other patterns include: \d{1,3} matches at least 1 digit, but no more than 3 digits. \d{2,} matches at least 2 digits. \d{,4} matches no more than 4 digits. \d{5} matches exactly 5 digits (what you are currently using)...
  10. Nolonar

    Item recieved on level up?

    Without plugin, you'll want to use a Parallel Process Common Event, that compares the player's current level with a "previous level" variable. That variable must be initialized with the player's level at the beginning of the game, and set to the player's current level whenever the level changes...
  11. Nolonar

    RMMZ Color Weaknesses

    I think it makes more sense for RED to be a weakness of GREEN (and vice versa), with GREEN and YELLOW, or GREEN and BLUE being resistant against each other (and BLUE and YELLOW doing normal damage to each other). I'll explain why in a bit, but first I'd like to point out that you're using a...
  12. Nolonar

    Tarot cards as weapons.

    If it were me, I'd make the fortuneteller a support class, who equips different tarot cards to provide various boni for the entire party or negatively affects the enemy, depending on which Arcana they have currently equipped. For example, the Strength Arcana increases the physical attack for...
  13. Nolonar

    (MV) Weird Visual Glitches in Editor

    Either your GPU has some kind of defect, which is somehow only triggered by MV, or your graphics drivers are buggy. Considering you didn't mention any discrete GPU, I'm assuming you're using an iGPU (integrated within your Intel CPU). I've had bugs with an Intel iGPU in FEZ before. Not the same...
  14. Nolonar

    How do i make this look not squashed out in the game

    That depends on multiple factors, such as your resolution and the UI Area Width/Height (both 816x720 by default in MV and MZ), where you want to position the window (top, middle, bottom), the actual dimensions of your window picture, and what kind of opening/closing animation you want. By...
  15. Nolonar

    How do i make this look not squashed out in the game

    First you create your window in your favorite image editing software and put it in your img/pictures folder, for example (inspired by Persona 5): Then you display the picture before your message, and make the message background transparent: Enjoy: The example isn't very pretty, because I...
  16. Nolonar

    RMMV How to get rid of stats in equipment menu???

    I currently don't have MV installed, so I can't really test it, but judging by the code on one of my old MV projects, I'm guessing the following plugin should work: const Scene_Equip_createStatusWindow = Scene_Equip.prototype.createStatusWindow; Scene_Equip.prototype.createStatusWindow =...
  17. Nolonar

    How do i make this look not squashed out in the game

    Alternatively, you create your own window as a picture and display that picture before you show a message. Also choose Background Transparent.
  18. Nolonar

    How do I fix my web build?

    Are you opening the index.html directly from File Explorer (or the equivalent for your OS of choice)? If so, your browser is loading the HTML file directly from your filesystem, not from a webserver. The problem with that, is that your browser needs the full path of a file when accessing the...
  19. Nolonar

    Can I launch console(F8) with script? (Solved)

    You'll want to use: require("nw.gui").Window.get().showDevTools(); Source: I tested this in MZ, though I'm pretty sure it should work with MV as well. Note that the source also has a solution involving the package.json file. I tried that as well...
  20. Nolonar

    Recommended size of a two section rectangle

    How to do what? Calculate 48 * 2? Create a 48 x 96 pixel image in an unspecified image editing software? Draw a rectangle? Where exactly are you stuck, and what do you need help with specifically?

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