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  1. Josephkhland

    FREE Unholy Legacy(Writers, Level Designer and Artist needed)

    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Synopsis: You play as a young wizard in your journey throughout the world, where you explore and solve puzzles trying to obtain the necessary ingredients for creating an artefact that would allow you to save your village. The game includes "choices" which might lead to...
  2. Josephkhland

    Toggling Passage of Tiles with a specific Region ID, based on a Switch

    I have been trying to make a spell which summons a small familiar that you can move around the map. For achieving that I am making an actor with the name "Familiar" appear in front of the Player, before taking control of it and roaming around the world. When I want to cancel the spell I just...
  3. Josephkhland

    Question about show choices

    So I have the following quesitons about the Show Choices command First is there a way to use through a script to call this command, so that I can have more than 4 choices available to the player (without nesting the show choices command)? Second is there a way to have some choices appear if a...
  4. Josephkhland

    Text checker

    So I actually want a script that is called through an event and opens a Text input window.  After the player Inputs his text the script checks whether the Players input matches a word from a custom made database. For example in the database I have 5 words,  DOG, MAGIC, EARTH, TREE, DEATH when...
  5. Josephkhland

    Need for Wild Animal Sprites

    So I am actually searching for Sprites ( those that can move on the map) for wild animals .  Especially I want : Brown Bear Sprite , Sparrow sprite , Male Deer Sprite
  6. Josephkhland

    Help Event Page Initiative

    So I have actually created an event. I have one page active when a certain switch is on, while the next page when another switch is on.    However when both switches are it prefers to start with the second page.  Does the engine check from the last page to the first or is it something else?
  7. Josephkhland

    Character causing tile animations

    So I actually have something like a pool , that the player can get in. When he is inside I want it to be seen like he is half inside and half outside the water + I want to cause animations work on the water when he moves. How can I do this. Is there an option with the tiles , or is it something...
  8. Josephkhland

    Counting Steps inside Regions

    So I actually want a script that counts the steps a player makes a total within a certain region during a game.  Also I want a second counter that alos counts the steps a player makes inside a region but that resets when the player leaves that region (also some switches are toggled when a...
  9. Josephkhland

    Counting steps inside a region

    I have been wondering if there is a way to count steps while inside a region and have certain events occur once you have walked a specific number of steps inside the region? I also want to turn the step counter at zero if the player leaves the region.
  10. Josephkhland

    Damage to those who attack someone with a state

    Is there any way on having a state that damages someone, but not the one who is under the state , but the one who attacks the one who is under that state? I don't care if such a state can only work on the actors.
  11. Josephkhland

    Side - Tactical Battle System

    How I want it to work :  The battle initiates, just like the default system a background comes in and the battle windows as usual. However there are now 7 "seats" - spots on the battle scene.  Positioned like this : @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @                                                 @ @    ...
  12. Josephkhland

    Battle Log window

    How can I make custom windows with scrolling text?  I want to make one to be active during battles, like a battle log. But I don't know how to make custom windows... Is there any good tutorial for making windows with scrolling text ? 
  13. Josephkhland

    Josephkhland's DnD Style Damage Formula DFWAS

    So actuall this is my first script. (DFWAS -> Damage for weapons and Spells).  I have created 2 methods that can be used in the Damage Formula and change the Combat to a style similar to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition (DnD) combat. What I mean :  Well in DnD 3.5 each PC and NPC has an...
  14. Josephkhland

    Problem with a script

    class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Attack Forumla configuration ( Attack Bonus, Armor class, WeaponStats) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def custom_damage_formula...
  15. Josephkhland

    Help with damage formula

    So I am trying to make my own attack -defence system and on the regular attack I have this formula attB = a.atk + a.agi ; rol = 1 + rand(20) + attB ; if rol > b.def ; 1 + rand(4) ; else ;0 ; end; #or I write it like this... attB = a.atk + a.agi ; rol = 1 + rand(20) + attB ; rol > b.def ? (1 +...
  16. Josephkhland

    How can I include those features in skills

    So Actually I want to make a spell that affects the enemies, and whenever damage is dealt to them I want it to be given as health points to the caster of the spell. Also I when the enemies are under this spell and they are damaged with Ice, I want the caster of the spell to be healed by twice...
  17. Josephkhland

    Altering the invocation of a skill according to player level and actions

    So actually I want to have a spell start with low success rate and as you level up it increases (or when some events occur in the game). I have a spell called Ice breath that calls the powers of dragons and then releases a breath of ice to your opponents. However at the beginning the dragon's...
  18. Josephkhland

    Any way of adding secondary States when a state worns off?

    So I actually have a state that makes the player under it uberpowerfull for the duration , but I want after the state is removed to create a side a effect on the player - have him fell in a different state. Is this by any way possible?
  19. Josephkhland

    Can I use switches to change impassable tiles to passable ?

    So I actually have some tiles and I have a terrain tag on them . And I want to change the tiles with this terain tag to passable - walkable when a certain switch is on and return them to impassable when the switch is off. Is something like this possible?
  20. Josephkhland

    How can I create an event through a script?

    In short : The player is transfered one tile forward and I want an event with the graphic of the player Appear at the previous location of the player. ( I have followers dissapear In the meanwhile).  However I don't know how to create that event through script or any other way.... If the event...

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