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  1. Alice's hat trick

    [Altmenu 3] Am I missing something?

    From any other discussions I see, they have bust menu using Alt menu screen 3, but mine is still vertical view with the head pic of the characters like the default menu. I want to use custom background therefore I must use Alt menu screen 3, but I also want it to be bust view, am I missing...
  2. Alice's hat trick

    Fix with SumRndmDde's BustIcon menu script

    I have been using SumRndmDde's BustIcon menu plugin, I did everything it said in the tutorial video but there is a problem about the bust image not loading in the menu. I double checked for spelling mistakes and tried this plugin in a new project, but still no luck. The creator hasn't been...
  3. Alice's hat trick

    About Tall sprites

    I was using the tall sprites templates in this resource thread: but the sheet doesn't seem to fit in the box, do I need a plugin for this? Or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Alice's hat trick

    Using 立ち絵 in chat windows

    I would like to ask if there is a plugin that changes the character heads in the chat window into standalone pictures? (I don't know how to say it in English but it's called 立ち絵 in Japanese) It's like those you see in visual novels. Here's a picture of what I mean: I know I could accomplish...
  5. Alice's hat trick

    Face size of a character

    I am drawing a head to be used as the face image of a character, I can't quite figure out the exact pixel size of the face to be able to fit in the face set And by face set I mean these:
  6. Alice's hat trick

    Game Data: What is the difference of Map X,Y and Screen X,Y?

    As title! (am referring to the game data of the player)
  7. Alice's hat trick

    What does it take to turn you into a veteran?

    just wondering how to make this little egg to crack~
  8. Alice's hat trick

    Event pass through events by setting different priority

    I wonder if there was already a plugin about this, because this is really a big problem to me as a game writer. There are times when you want events to stop blocking each other but for certain reasons you can't turn on "through" of any of these events (For example: Event touch) It would...
  9. Alice's hat trick

    Events are killing me :(

    I will bless you and your loved ones if you solved this problem of mine!! Here is my situation: There is a rabbit and a bunch of poisonous grass. They are all hostile to the player, the rabbit chases the player while the grass are tiles. They both must be set to "event touch" because the player...

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