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  1. Shugo

    Some pixel stuff

    @acirnep thank you! The sacred spinner is the not so hidden icon from the set, so have fun using it if you do :rwink:
  2. Shugo

    Games that had a powerful effect on you

    Sonic Adventure have a soft place for me since it was one of the games I used to play the most when I was little, Kirby's Dreamland 3 too. The Professor Layton series is also quite important to me, but I'm not sure if I would replay all the games since I always end up with some tears lol
  3. Shugo

    Some pixel stuff

    @Arisa-Chan Thanks!! Una was one of the most enjoyables to draw (especially her hat).
  4. Shugo

    Some pixel stuff

    @djDarkX Thank you!!
  5. Shugo

    Some pixel stuff

    Changed the thread's title since I added something that wasn't a sprite here (the previous title was 'some sprite stuff'). I hope there's no problem with that o/
  6. Shugo

    RMMV Soul Garden

    This project seems interesting, but I agree that this presentation won't help a lot on it getting funds. Maybe this can help out a bit on that tho. Not saying that it isn't good as now anyway, but it could be improved* Good luck with it anyway.
  7. Shugo

    Favourite Horror Game?

    I'm pretty bad at handling horror games and barely play them, but Resident Evil 3 has a special place for me (even if I had to watch others play mostly, since I froze every time I tried to play it myself).
  8. Shugo

    Guitar Hero Battle or Mini Game Plugin

    @Wavelength on the topic of doing a rhythm game with JS, bemuse could be an example if it interests you (tho it isn't using pixi only).
  9. Shugo

    Change the value of a parameter in-game?

    Maybe this could help I guess? There probably is a better way to do this tho
  10. Shugo

    Your top 5 video game soundtracks/themes

    Not in order since I can't really put one in first, but I like these a lot!!
  11. Shugo

    Status Menu Broken?

    Did you change the code for Window_MenuStatus or Window_MenuActor? This could be a reason why it looks like this. Edit: silly me, I forgot what the title of this thread was. Anyway, maybe taking a look at Scene_ItemBase.prototype.createActorWindow could help to see if you can change the...
  12. Shugo

    Shg Recipe Book/Cooking Mini Game

    @Gamefall Team @Val @∊η∊ηra Thank you!! There are some small stuff that I plan on adding that I didn't do on the first version to keep it a simple base, I'll also try to implement a different way to do the recipes too at some point. @Dalph I can kind of imagine the eventioning on your game...
  13. Shugo

    Shg Recipe Book/Cooking Mini Game

    Shg Recipe Book ver 0.02 Author: Shugo Introduction This plugin creates an scene for a cooking/crafting mini game, with it's own music and it's own images. This was inspired by Bonbon Cakery's sweet creation mini game and "Al Dente" Cooking Contest (which I recommend everyone checking out...
  14. Shugo

    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    I think that not only how to use JS could happen, but also teaching how OOP works (and giving examples of how what you see in MV and the JS use it for a good contextualization) could be great, but that would go in a more advanced explanation maybe?
  15. Shugo

    RMMV Tailor Tales

    @Celianna no problem! So far the game is really good! So GJGJ
  16. Shugo

    RMMV Tailor Tales

    Oh boy, here we go with the feedback again. ========================================================= Did you like the added sound bites for Neil, the sighs and grunts? Or would you prefer to do without? It was quite amusing to hear him a bit. For me it is fine with these small sounds. Do you...
  17. Shugo

    Vocaloid General

    the conversion of USD to BRL + taxes for Hio DVD would kill my wallet 100% sobs
  18. Shugo

    Vocaloid General

    Stares at sunset, got to know vocaloid when I was starting to watch more anime and etc online. But only started to do fanart and look up for it more around half of 2011 more or less. I only own Maika right now (and have Bruno and Clara DVD, but didn't buy them... yet), but if everything goes...
  19. Shugo

    Play with Mouse or Keyboard ? [POLL]

    Over all I prefer keyboard over mouse, especially if we're talking about world movement, but menu interaction with both mouse and keyboard is quite nice.
  20. Shugo

    prayer circle for you, if you do that

    prayer circle for you, if you do that

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