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  1. sriden

    RMXP Polaris 03 - a scifi adventure puzzle game

    The FAMAS community presents Status: completed game, collaborative project with varied gameplay Genre: science fiction, puzzle, adventure Languages: English & French Game length: minimum of approximately 2 hours Engine: RPG Maker XP Graphics and music: custom In a near future...
  2. sriden

    The Seventh Door

      *click on the title to download* Or Mediafire link:         Title: The seventh Door (La Septieme Porte) Software: RPG-Maker XP Genre: Supernatural Thriller with Varied Gameplay Status: Completed Year: 2012-2013...
  3. sriden

    Need testers to test a completed game translated in english

    Hello! We made a game collectively on a forum here in France, and I recently made a translation in english. So now we'd need native english-speaking people to test it and check if all the sentences are correct and fluent in english. (since the targeted language is rather american english, it'd...
  4. sriden


    Hi, I'm sriden. I'm french and making games with rpg maker since about 2008. I make music, pixel-art, drawings, voicing and such.   I'm coming here for a specific request (need native english speakers to test a translated game) but I think I know about this site since it opened.  :stache:  ...

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