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  1. Beewo

    RMMZ Flaring Stars

    Looks pretty good I think, a lot of things for the eyes to get stuck on. However, and this might be only me but the tree parts in the black squares seem a bit mixed up somehow? They dont look as natural as the orange square. Like in the yellow square there is a natural tree then suddenly theres...
  2. Beewo

    RMMZ Poll: Which Characters should the game follow after large event

    I agree with the two above posts. I would feel majorly annoyed if the decisions I made forced me to follow the party that went against the choices I as a player made. I would just want to know what the character that agreed with my choices was up to.
  3. Beewo

    My rpg story

    Sounds like an interesting first hook. I do enjoy unlikely allies as a setting and seems the humans and old demon king will have no choice but to work together. Only thing im uncertain of is why the other monsters will follow the old demon king now that (I guess) he is trying to reestablish...
  4. Beewo

    Front View or Side View?

    Very good examples Archeia, wonder if those could be translated to rpg maker (not asking a mechanic question just aloud musing). Thanks for the many suggestions you showed.
  5. Beewo

    Opinion on a "Home Base"

    I enjoy home bases, usually when you're out adventuring you can't talk to most of your squadmates/ppl you met. With a homebase you got some time to relax, gather all the npcs/members thoughts and opinions on the current state of affairs and generally regroup. Also a good place to teleport after...
  6. Beewo

    Front View or Side View?

    Personally I prefer front view for 2 simple reasons. The first is time as its generally faster and depending how many encounters a game got sideview can start feeling stale fast. Especially if it got long sequences it all starts adding up and I can start dreading battles which mechanically got...
  7. Beewo

    Ideas for Sewer dungeon

    All of the above been said so hmm what can be left. Criminals using it as travel spot/hideout? Classic "Hero" party clearing rats that mistake you for criminals and attack?:P
  8. Beewo

    What is your "ideal" amount of party members in a standard RPG?

    For party members I'm a fan of at least 8 party members so I can swap and try some combinations. Especially like it if some members got synergy skills (tex tank can use a flaming sword attack if mage is in the fighting party). Not to say this is a super hard rule for me, plenty of excellent...
  9. Beewo

    New member, hellohello

    Thanks for the greetings and welcome everyone^^ Sure I will enjoy it here
  10. Beewo

    New member, hellohello

    Hiya, new member who been lurking here for a a few weeks and decided I might as well post a hello now that I joined, had to see those pictures and whatnot people posted after all. Long story short, played a few rpg maker games in my time when the thought one day hit, why not try making one...

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