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  1. RMMV OcRam Time System Plugin - Increment time per step.

    Can someone give me an idea of how to increment the time per step with this plugin? So for example, each step progresses time by 3 hours, which makes 8 steps a full day. I don't want the time to progress in real life time, just when traveling on the map. I've already got a system in place that...
  2. RMMV - Consume item per step on world map.

    Hey guys, pretty new to RPG Maker, but I've been finding it pretty intuitive and simple to do what I need. I'm making a game in a similar vein to Oregon Trail, so a bit of sim-elements inside the RPGM engine. So far, I've been able to implement things pretty simply. I'm planning on having a...

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I think I'm going to make each equippable item in my fantasy RPG grant a skill while its worn (in addition to the character's learned skills). Equipped gear that might be weaker in stats can still be useful in certain situations if the skill they grant exploits a weakness or resists a strength in the monsters being fought. This could potentially open up lots of build strategies to play with for fun.
A lot of those cool RPGs allow players to import their own portraits.
Thus, we shall have that, too. :kaojoy:
Finally, deleted my Reddit account
I cant say I dont regret it, I honestly liked FMA subreddit, but nah, reddit succs
What was the worst (most difficult) part of developing your game?
need a time to not open my MV,still addicted with new vegas

i wonder what addiction effect behind playing new vegas too much,maybe INT & Science gone worse in many days :D

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