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  1. TenebrisCrow

    How do I have a faceset image change in the middle of the game?

    Is there a way to replace an entire faceset with another? So if you wanted to change the gender of a character it would use a different faceset but keep the same messages? Thank you.
  2. TenebrisCrow

    How to make it so I can battle another actor? (keep level and equipment?)

    Is it possible to make it so my main hero can battle another actor? I want it to be possible to duel amongst my heroes(Actors) in the game. But I also want their levels and armour to be the same depending on how much they have been levelled and what equipment they have been given. Is this possible?
  3. TenebrisCrow

    A way for events to recognize they are close to each other?

    I want a monster system where you can see them walking around as events. However if two monsters are pretty close to each other, when one initiates the battle(in-built battle system), the other one will be in the battle at the same time. I can't think of any easy way to do this besides the...
  4. TenebrisCrow

    Just wondering if a few plugins exist yet?

    Does the sideview battler enemy plugin exist yet? I tried googling and can't seem to find it. :( Also is there a plugin that allows me change the heroes faceset in game, and then have them use the emotions that comes with the faceset. So potentially change a characters appearance at specific...
  5. TenebrisCrow

    A simple event that can hit you, but you can hit them?

    I remember back in my RM2K days I set up an event to use as a weapon, so that if that event touched the other event using the same X and Y of the two variables, it would receive damage using a condition through a parallel process. Well I am wondering if there's a much easier way to do that with...
  6. TenebrisCrow

    Looking for more colours for char generator?

    Just looking for more hair colours for char generator? I was after a bright blue and red colour for hair, but they aren't originally in the generator. Are there any released options or extensions to the generator at all? Thank you for the help! :)
  7. TenebrisCrow

    RPG Maker MZ on Steam or not?

    I remember I purchased RPG Maker MV on this website, and I actually preferred to have it on my PC than Steam. I had a lot of issues with Steam and hated it on there. So what are people doing with MZ? They going to install it on their PC or Steam? I personally was considering buying it from the...
  8. TenebrisCrow

    Best way to Cloud save RPG Maker games you working on? (not steam)

    For starters sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I went through every topic and just could not figure it out where to post this. Anyway, I'm working on a game on two different computers in the same house. There's always the USB transfer, but that's annoying because then I need to...
  9. TenebrisCrow

    A RPG with many possibilities!! (Kill EVERY NPC IN GAME)

    I was thinking of starting a game, mostly for myself and a few friends, of course I'd be happy to share it if it ever gets finished! What I was thinking of doing is rather than focusing on an engaging story of any sort, make the world a sandbox! I know this has been done before, I don't think...
  10. TenebrisCrow

    How to have dialogue choices? (More characters and choice scrolling)

    I notice that when you add a choice, it gets cut off after a certain amount of characters. I'm trying to do a game with dialogue choices and would like the flexibility to have long sentences. Is there a way to make it so it will allow more? Also is there a way to make it so it scrolls through...
  11. TenebrisCrow

    How to memorize a party?

    How can I have the game memorize my party? The game has potentially 20 followers, none are guarantee'd. So I wonder, how can I remove all party members except the main character, then have them that I specifically had before all added back after the battle? I assume this needs to be a script...
  12. TenebrisCrow

    How can I make battle animations happen in battle simultaneously?

    I'm using ABS so basically when the gauge meters reach full, I want the hero to attack, but while he's attacking, allow the player to be able to start selecting the next attack. That way the battle will flow better in my opinion. A bit like Final Fantasy X-2 if you remember that battle. Sorry...
  13. TenebrisCrow

    Choices with line breaks?

    Ideally I'd love a choice system plugin like this: Will you save my son? Yes. (Alignment +2) No. (Alightment -2) Have the alignment part under each choice and in smaller text, possibly in a different colour too? Does anyone know of a plugin like that or perhaps is anyone thinking of making...
  14. TenebrisCrow

    Making two variables equate a percentage?

    I'm trying to make two variables equate to a percentage. I'm trying to make a good and evil system where 1 point can be added to evil, and 1 point can be added to good. I'll show an example hopefully this makes sense what I'm trying to do. Good Variable = 77 (Suppose they did 77 good things)...
  15. TenebrisCrow

    Elven town tileset?

    Trying to find an Elven town tileset. Can't seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone have any idea where I could find some good tilesets for towns? I have been looking all over, and most that I find are all separate from each other. For example I only find tree's and no buildings. I am looking...
  16. TenebrisCrow

    Tons of resources have disappeared off of the forums?

    There were some resources I used to love on the forums, but a lot of them now are coming up with "Page not Found", which is bad because some of them I relied on a lot. Will they be coming back, or did the forum actually delete a ton of good old posts??
  17. TenebrisCrow

    Missing resources and fan made of the resources that are missing?

    I found a list a while back that had quite a few missing resources that I feel should have been in the game. For example People having battlers. Also a lot of the characters seem to be missing their enemy versions. Anyone know a good place to get all these? (Also I have bought the game)
  18. TenebrisCrow

    Timer continuation after stopping?

    I wish to make a time system where every 20 seconds in the world map the day changes to night and the night changes to day. How ever when I go into a town and leave, the timer starts all over again. Is there a way to make it so if I went into a town at 7 seconds before night, when they re-enter...
  19. TenebrisCrow

    Height levels? Putting a roof on a roof?

    I noticed there are roof's in the tileset, is it possible to place the roof on top of another? For example place it so the roof does not notice it and does not create edges? I hope this makes sense.
  20. TenebrisCrow

    Modifying timer? Decreasing it by 1 minute?

    I was wondering if there is a way to modify the timer? A person has 5 minutes to get to work, but every time the bus drives passed them, 1 minute goes automatically. Also the bus ride goes down 2 minutes as well. Is there a way to do this? To change the timer as it's running?

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