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  1. Umpikuja

    A question about switches...I think.

    I am a beginner. I apologize if this has been asked before. I have been looking around for an answer before coming here. I want to create an autorun event that happens every time the player enters the map. I want to enter an elevator, shake the screen and rumble a bit, play a ding, end the...
  2. Umpikuja

    Custom Clothing and tiles

    My eyes and head are going to hate me for this, but I have some questions about doing this. I am sure its all somewhere, but I am swimming in it with all the different versions of rpg and I am a fresh beginner. I don't need a plugin, I don't think. I just need to know what file type the game...
  3. Umpikuja

    Pixel Myth Germania

    Hi I am new and loving MV so far. I am looking at dlc and wondering if Germania is compatible with MV.  Thx! Thanks mod, I didn't realize it had its own section!

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I think I'm going to make each equippable item in my fantasy RPG grant a skill while its worn (in addition to the character's learned skills). Equipped gear that might be weaker in stats can still be useful in certain situations if the skill they grant exploits a weakness or resists a strength in the monsters being fought. This could potentially open up lots of build strategies to play with for fun.
A lot of those cool RPGs allow players to import their own portraits.
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