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  1. Eurgh


    Visual armour. The script has 0 support and it was endlessly conflicting with random things up to the point where i'd fix one problem then another 2 would pop up. I ultimately ditched it and made a character select screen instead with various different looking characters both male and female...
  2. Eurgh

    Upgrading Abilities

    Fair enough, but that goes onto my question of whether people prefer to be able to upgrade them at any time, or if they like it to be a level thing
  3. Eurgh

    Crafting sucks?

    At the moment in my game there is a crafting system which is introduced very early on in the form of a sidequest which tasks you with collecting herbs from a field of slimes as they are what slimes like to eat, and the alchemist isn't combat orientated and doesn't really want to die since death...
  4. Eurgh

    Upgrading Abilities

    What are people's opinions on upgrading your abilities as opposed to gaining the abilities through levelling. What I mean by this is you start with a fireball, you can pay X amount of gold/points to turn it into Greater Fireball OR You have to wait until a certain level to unlock Greater...
  5. Eurgh

    Dialogue and Portraits preferences

    I use a mix of both of the dialogue types. It helps set out along the lines of what the character will say. Cus you don't want a Mass Effect problem of selecting [Tell the Truth] and your character says "Yes, I admit it. I was the one who stole the cookie.... NOW I MUST KILL YOU AND EVERY ONE OF...
  6. Eurgh

    How do you rationalize a limited party in battle?

    If you were desperate to explain it, you could simply say that 20 people trying to fall over each other trying to attack a slime would be more detrimental to your overall combat effectiveness
  7. Eurgh

    Giving players access to big skills early: thoughts?

    TP doesn't have to be a 'big move' resource. You can set more physical and non magical skills to use it. It adds extra depth to gameplay and means that Grok'Nar the Barbarian King isn't throwing that rock through the power of MAAAAAAAAGIC. You can also alter the maximum TP that can be held at...
  8. Eurgh

    Reputation System Uses

    Depends what you want from your game. You could make it so they can enter the seedy underbelly of cities with low rep which grants them access to rare and illegal goods. However they must sneak into towns otherwise they will be apprehended by guards. Good rep could mean that they are targeted...
  9. Eurgh

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    Interesting, I'll probably use that approach, I was already thinking about using something like this but it was more of a back of the mind thought as opposed to something I was going to definitely put in. That's another interesting one since time plays a big role in the game as spending that...
  10. Eurgh

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    @Wavelength You have the choice to fight it yourself in a TBS fight or just simulate it. With the downsides of both being if you manually fight, you can end up messing up and losing or with simulating it then you might lose through a bit of bad luck. I explained in my previous post that it...
  11. Eurgh

    Backgrounds not going transparent

    @TheoAllen @Ebanyle Thank you for your input. I guess I'll just have to use add blending.
  12. Eurgh

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    @Andar I'm not entirely sure how that could be worked into the example I gave, plus the entire idea behind it was so warrior type classes can use magic, if they want to invest into it but not be the omni-present God King that can fire a bow, cast swathes of fire, ice and thunder while swinging...
  13. Eurgh

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    @mauvebutterfly I feel that at the end of the day, if someone is going to save scum, they're going to save scum. If someone is going to save/reload a game as many times as it takes to get the result they want there is nothing I can put in place to stop that.
  14. Eurgh

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    What are your thoughts and feelings when it comes to simulated results? Example: You have an army and a castle. An event happens where enemies attack. Your army's power is then calculated against the enemy's power and the result ends in either your win or loss. Example 2: You attempt to...
  15. Eurgh

    Bubbles in Autonomous Movement

    I want to have quest givers constantly play the "!" bubble when they have a quest and "?" bubble when it's ready to be handed in. But the only way I can see doing this without blocking me out of using the event would to be a separate event which constantly checks if conditions are met then...
  16. Eurgh

    Backgrounds not going transparent

    I have downloaded an animation pack for attacks and all the animations have a black background, however whenever I import them and set black as the transparent and the translucent as black, then tried setting translucent to one of the slightly transparent pixels but it stays black which means I...
  17. Eurgh

    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    The biggest mistake newbies make it building a game around plug-ins/scripts as opposed to using them to supplement the mechanics you already wanted in the game. Many a time does a simple RPG suddenly have a day/night and weather system along with a casino with minigames and a lighting system...
  18. Eurgh

    How do you "pick up the pieces" when getting burnt out on making a game?

    Best way to do it, find someone to test your game. It will give you more motivation to 'tidy up' your game so it's more presentable for them to test. Also just do a bit at a time, it may take a long time but honestly the moment you don't have the motivation to do anymore, just call it quits...
  19. Eurgh

    how long did you take to finish your first game ?

    6 years and counting. I improve all the time, which causes me to remake parts of the game so it's better quality, which obviously ends with no real progression
  20. Eurgh

    Weight System

    It depends, you can use a script which adds item limits. Such as Yanfly's adjust limits: This would be the easiest way, if for whatever reason you don't want to use it. There's a rough and messy way to do it with variables...

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