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  1. RMMV Yanfly Message Core pop ups when characters are different heights

    Hi all, I'm using Yanfly's Message Core + ExtMesPack1 plugins to have pop up dialogues over characters (events) heads. This is successfully achieved by adding \msgevent[3] to a dialogue message, for example, if the event is Event 3. However, some of my characters are different heights. For...
  2. RMMV Sprite over message window instead of under

    Does anyone know how to make it possible for a sprite on the map to appear over the dialogue message? By default a sprite on the map appears under the dialogue window message. I've been looking through the js files to try and solve this and it doesn't seem that RPG Maker MV uses z layers to...
  3. Screen size & Upscaling a game successfully

    Hi there RPG fans, I'm looking for some advice... I'm currently spending some time figuring out the best way to handle screen sizes, upscaling and that side of things. My game will be a HD pure pixel art commercial game so I'm not prepared to accept anything less than wonderful. That means no...
  4. How to achieve shaking/animated text for Choices

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone knows a solution to achieving this. I assume a plugin would be the answer but I haven't had any luck finding one that works. SumRndmDde's Shaking Text plugin looked to be the plugin I needed, but it no longer works. I tried...
  5. RMMV Echomap Composite Character Plugin - Brief flicker when image updates

    Hi all! I'm using a plugin that updates the player character dynamically. It is by Echomap and can be found here: Although initially confusing to set up, it actually works very well and successfully updates the character and layers their png spritesheet...
  6. Do events with "wait" commands always remain in sync in RMMV?

    Hi all, I have been doing a lot of scene work recently in RPG Maker MV, and using a LOT of wait commands for pacing, etc. Basically, I rely on wait commands a lot. Today a friend brought up the possibility of the wait commands going out of sync if someone has a faster or slower computer and...
  7. Yanfly's Visual HP Gauges - Problem with the height

    Hi guys, I've downloaded this plugin and it's all working brilliantly apart from one small thing - the gauge height isn't changing no matter what px amount I put in. I've made sure that the YEP_BattleEngineCore is enabled and above the plugin, and that 'Use Thick Gauges' is set to true. I've...
  8. How can I show a picture straight away in battle?

    My battle system is quite unusual and I'm using pictures for the enemies instead of the normal enemy sprites. I use an invisible sprite for my enemies and then call the battle event 'Show Picture'. However, the problem I have is that the picture doesn't show until I press enter after the 'x...
  9. Is there any way to animate enemies?

    I'm not a fan of the flat enemy images. I'm using a front-view battle system for my game and I'm hoping there is a way I can bring more life to the enemies. I see that RMMV only has one image for enemies. I would love to be able to create different frames for an enemy. Is there a plugin that...

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