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  1. Clyve

    RMMZ Is there a script call to remove reserve members from the party?

    I've set up an HQ of sorts and I'd like for members who are not in the active party to be hanging around the base. The problem is that members in reserve are still counted as in the party, even if they're not in the active party. Is there a script call I can do to forcefully eject reserve...
  2. Clyve

    RMMZ How to check if all monsters in any given combat are dead.

    Anyone know of a way to get a conditional branch to check if all enemies in a battle are dead? Basically, I'm using Visu's CTB battle system and have an image to support the CTB gauge and status areas and I can't figure out how to get it to disappear when all monsters are dead. I've thrown a...
  3. Clyve

    RMMZ Visustella Status Menu and CTB Battle questions in RMMZ.

    Hey folks got a few issues that hopefully someone has some solutions to. Status Menu So it doesn't appear that there's any way to modify the icons used in the parameters window, or at least I can't see where to change this. This is a huge bummer when using non-RTP icons. Is there a way to...
  4. Clyve

    I would like to make the Attack Times + trait not hit dead enemies.

    Sounds like this is an inherent problem with the engine itself. Is there a way to make the extra attacks not attack dead targets via plugin?
  5. Clyve

    Attack Times + trait attacks dead enemies.

    (Not sure if I'm in the right section, please move the post if I'm not.) Is there a way to stop this from happening? When you have a weapon with the attack + trait, it will continue to attack dead enemies which creates a very awkward flow. Is there a way to get the engine to cancel the...
  6. Clyve

    Has anything similar to Galv's Menu Engine been made for MV?

    Curious because damn that plugin is awesome, but VX Ace only is sadface.
  7. Clyve

    Front view UI for Octopack.

    Hello, Looking for someone or be referred to someone that might be willing to tackle this plugin request! Basically what I'm looking for is a plugin to pair with Octopack as it doesn't come with a front view battle UI, instead relying on the default (unfortunate as the Octo interface is...
  8. Clyve

    How do you prevent the battle log from showing standard attacks?

    I'd like standard attacks to just play the animation and have the damage numbers pop up without the battle log displaying "attack" every time. I feel like skills/items are really the only things necessary to notify the player about.
  9. Clyve

    YEP Battle Engine battle log question.

    Trying to lower the battle log (or remove entirely if that ends up being cleaner) that appears when a character takes an action. I've used CTRL F "log" in the .js itself but I can't find anything about location placement of the window, just what it will or will not display. Anyone know how to...
  10. Clyve

    Mog Battle HUD party member selection for items and magic.

    Is there anyone familiar with this plugin that knows how to change the way party members are selected for spells/items? Basically, I'd like to get rid of the text selection box and just have the face portraits be highlighted on the HUD or a selection cursor to be placed on the face boxes. I'm...
  11. Clyve

    Using icon set weapon graphics as weapon.png replacements for battle.

    Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong area for this kind of question: Is it possible to get the engine through plugins or otherwise to pull the icon graphic from the sheet in the battle system and rotate that accordingly for weapon graphics in battle? I feel that this would allow a game to have...
  12. Clyve

    Whatever happened to the official version of the first person dungeon mode thing?

    Is that completely dead now?
  13. Clyve

    Which JS file handles the movement of actors during action selection in SV battle mode?

    I can't seem to find which one/section handles this. Specifically character movement.
  14. Clyve

    Preventing SV battlers from moving.

    Hey guys, long time no make. I had a question regarding RMMV's SV battles. I'm using the plugin that allows you to change the location of the battlers (to mimic more of a Mystic Quest kind of battle system) and I can't figure out where/how to prevent them from sliding to the left when they are...
  15. Clyve

    Taking requests from creators to stream their game on Twitch TV.

    Hello folks, Some of you may know me from, but I've just recently signed up here to get more engaged. Onto business! I'm new to the whole streaming thing, but it should be a fun ride. Basically, I've started up a twitch channel that's going to be doing RPG Maker games on Mondays...

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