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  1. YioruYioru

    RMMV Is there a plugin that makes the armor status appear on the screen in some event?

    My game has an event to change clothes, and I wanted to set it to show the status of the equipment on the screen before making the change.
  2. YioruYioru

    Export Saves to Android

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find a way to make the saves be stored in the data local folder of the game(Ex Android/data/"gamename"/files/), I already found some RPG maker MV android games that can do that. I found this AndroidDevKit that seems to have a method to save to the local...
  3. YioruYioru

    RMMV Is there any way to remove the game refresh for android?

    Is there any way to remove the game refresh for android? I am currently doing tests of my game on android and noticed that sometimes it restarts randomly. I did a test with a controller and when I turn off the controller the game restarts...:aswt: I saw that someone made a plugin that...
  4. YioruYioru

    RMMV Is there any way to hide the text box by touch input?

    I am working on a possible android version of my project, and the only thing missing is to add an option to hide the text box.

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