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  1. Simalono

    Old School Music Thread!

    So I kind of wanting a sharing, discussion, and critique of my old school influenced music. As I don't really see a lot of people here making music that reminds me of an RPG at all. I hope there's no offense taken by that but a lot of stuff on here really doesn't feel like video game music. No I...
  2. Simalono

    Anybody here into making videos?

    Hey I've been getting into just like filming myself being stupid and making my friends laugh with the videos. I've never really done anything too serious but I was just wondering if anyone else does the same. I would love to see some of you guy's work, at least if its original. I'm not exactly...
  3. Simalono

    A question about my building tile-set!

    Hello,  So I am pretty new to the RPG maker scene and I have been working on a game for a project to dump my music and time into. Since I need to work on my new media skills in art I have been using photoshop to create all my sprites and tiles. Most issues I have had I can find the answer to...

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Let's continue making our game in MZ! Touchfuzzy is... still eventing... though this time we may be working on eventing some tutorial stuff for our players!

I work late on the game so I sleep in then I wake up late so I have to work hard to make up for sleeping in meaning I work late again and sleep in again... what a nasty cycle.
I just had my first real fire. Dad made burgers for lunch and the grill caught fire. He tried to get water but I told him you should never put water on a grease fire. So I got him the fire extinguisher under the sink and we managed to put it out. I can still smell a little of the smoke coming from the patio, but at least it's clearing. It sure was scary though.
was rendering a video and window decided to bsod on me :D fun
Could not for the life of me figure out how to implement the dual/triple techs in Touch the Stars in a player-friendly way. Was describing all the problems to my wife and just rubber-ducked a solution that should work brilliantly.

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