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  1. Kientero

    RPG Maker Freebies Part 06

    Yeah I know about that, but... that's not what I'm talking about. take a look at this cropped image zoomed at 400%. Take a look at where the mouse-drawn Blue arrow I made, that clearly shows a whole blue royal cape, and it's behind on all the other frames as well.
  2. Kientero

    RPG Maker Freebies Part 06

    Hmm... after of editing the colors of Basil to match the XP color palette, I noticed that his cape changed to a royal blue cape with gold decals on his 3rd right frame... and after closer checkup on all the frames, the cape is visible on all the other frames behind his cape too...I believe he...
  3. Kientero

    Happy Holidays 2015

    Aww man... I missed the sale (again)... Just got the money to buy some of the music packs as well..."oh well... better luck NEXT time~" (whenever that'll be. *sigh*)
  4. Kientero

    Official Bug Report

    Ok, my first experience with RPGMaker MV was that it was very blurry, but then this happened. I've tried restarting the computer, the bug still remains. My system spec, if you need them:

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