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  1. Orange HUD

    Ive been using the variable image to make a custom clickable/touchable menu. When I turn off the variable image with a switch, the image disappears, but if i click on the area where the image was, the common event connected to the variable image still runs. Is there a way to disable the...
  2. Orange HUD

    nvm, its as simple as renaming the plugin .js :P
  3. Orange HUD

    I cant seem to get more than one variable image to display, is this even possible?
  4. AutoLoad

    I'm looking for a way for the the game to automatically load a save file on startup, bypassing the the title screen and before the game actually 'begins'. As well as a method of force saving. Context: what I'm doing is a simple game that maintains a personal high-score automatically (the...
  5. Orange HUD

    oh wow, duh.. thanks :P
  6. Orange HUD

    Are there any in game plugin commands to turn on and off the visibility of the hub in game? thanks!
  7. I am using your Orange hud in my current game (great btw) and i was wondering if there was a...

    I am using your Orange hud in my current game (great btw) and i was wondering if there was a plugin command to turn on and off its appearance in game, thanks for the help!

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