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  1. Bludiamonds

    World time sound effects?

    EDIT: I was able to solve my issue :)
  2. Bludiamonds

    World time sound effects?

    Hi I followed what you had did as I am trying to achieve the same effect too in my clock tower town with a bell toll. I copied the logic you had written but unfortunately the bell does not toll when the hours change (only once in the afternoon) and when it is evening the bell sound repeats...
  3. Bludiamonds

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects (new features)

    Thank you for getting back to me @Gabe, how do I correct this? Should my image be a certain size? I do apologize for all the questions as I am new to RPG Maker.
  4. Bludiamonds

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects (new features)

    Great effect! I am having an issue with lines of the fog images appearing on screen. I understand you stated that the plugin was meant for all resolutions but perhaps an update is needed? The map I am using the effect on is 16X25, I made fog images measuring slightly bigger than the map 864 px X...
  5. Bludiamonds

    Maru's MV Bits

    I was actually able to figure out the actual wheel turning and the disappearing issue :) I unchecked the walking and stepping options and reduced the frame rate. Whew!
  6. Bludiamonds

    Maru's MV Bits

    I've been reading through this thread attempting to get the waterwheel to work. I've followed what @Jubi did but for me the actual wheel does not turn but the water is animated and the whole wheel itself disappears then reappears. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Bludiamonds

    New to RPG Maker: adding more items to tilesets

    Hi all, brand new to RPG Maker MZ (my significant other has used previous version 6 years ago, probably MV) and I'm looking to help him return to his gaming project. He is looking to do extensive customization on his maps and I've helped him gather some amazing tilesets and objects (shout out to...

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