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  1. T3-mith

    RMMV larger battle sprites, weapon placement?

    Hi all, using RMMV looking for a method of fixing the placement of the weapon animation, using larger battle sprites, so nothing is really matching up in game, plan currently is currently to turn off the weapon sprites or change them, i would rather change them, does anyone know of a plugin...
  2. T3-mith

    RMMV Battler SV weapon fix?

    Hi all, sorry if i have the wrong forum page, i have been looking though i cant seem to find anything that fits this "request" or rather information request so using rpgmv, making custom sprites, though having a small issue with the weapon, there small, and still in the same place as for the...
  3. T3-mith

    RMMV sprite battle and walk animations with more then 3 frames?

    having a look at some youtube videos and i found a video that looks as if the side view battlers are using more then 3 frames, per animation, is there a plug in for this? or stock standard i cant seem to find anything about making more advanced animations other then for effect animations, (not...
  4. T3-mith

    making everything bigger?

    Hey all, so rather simple question probably weird though as i have already been asked why i would want to give my self the hassle, i want to make everything bigger, around 2x bigger, tiles, houses, sprites, i have my reasons why i want to make everything bigger, and to make it short, i have...
  5. T3-mith

    how big is too big?

    I know im asking for for someone to make a joke out of this though, making a game around a story/ game I have made already, with a very large world, several in fact, it is better to say solar system, now I have started making the game maps already, though im thinking should I restart the...
  6. T3-mith

    is there a method to turn on a parallax map add on in game?

    trying to work out how to turn a special map add on in game, im trying to make a camp site, that the characters can interact with after its been turned on, though currently i have only managed to make a alternate map that the characters can activate, by using a item, given though i cant work out...
  7. T3-mith

    Parallaxing a larger map?

    Hi all, well i have started doing some parallax maps, though im having a issue with one of the maps, the main city, is rather large, currently set to 92/78 i have thought about splitting it up into several maps or districts, but i have it already split into 4 lots given different base tile sets...
  8. T3-mith

    How do i fit a tile in bigger then what Mv supports?

    hey all hope i have the right forum here ~,~ find it rather confusing, so i have in the story line for the game im designing, several world trees, and big enough to fit a small city and elves castle into, i drew this a while ago so its not that great, but that is the city, i know that i wont...
  9. T3-mith

    Hi all, life in a game have you thought about it?

    just saying hi, wanted to post something random as a general topic though i really have no idea if its correct on not for this forum, i ok so 2 part question and a few of rules for the 2en part, part 1, think of your favorite game, preferably a RPG but a it could be a story in general as long...

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