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  1. SwiftIllusion

    Positive vs Negative value of character barks/quips in combat focused game

    I'd like to ask/see how more people feel about the character barks/quips in combat focused games. If these exist, and were based on a characters designed personality as in some 'fighter' games, could this limit the characters you would want to play with-or enhance the experience regardless...
  2. SwiftIllusion

    RMMV Colossal Conquest [IGMC 2017]

    "Battle in an evolving boss fight and grow your characters to face the challenge." - - - Gameplay Elements - - - A tutorial boss that gives you an interactive introduction to the core knowledge you will need to succeed in future possible conquests. An overarching Boss 'mindset' that you can...
  3. SwiftIllusion

    Slime Battler archetypes - animated via DragonBones

    Below is a set of basic Slime Battler archetypes, created from static battlers by Ækashics. These were animated for use with the DragonBones plugin by TheGreenKel, with Action Sequence compatibility thanks to the collaboration with Yanfly. Note: Included in the download is a set of action...
  4. SwiftIllusion

    RMMV Clockwork Cleanup - mini arena experimenting with Dragon Bones animations

    A small project developed while experimenting with the recent Dragon Bones animation plugin Clockwork Cleanup is a quick to engage mini battle arena with a strategic focus on maneuvering your characters across rows and pushing enemies around with your abilities to gain the advantage. - - -...
  5. SwiftIllusion

    Does world building add to your engagement of a minimal character driven plot?

    I'm currently conflicted while working on a project about how much time I should spend adding logic to its world. I've thoroughly enjoyed games like LiEat, Eternal Senia, To the moon, etc, that don't really build a world outside of what the characters directly interact with. However I can't help...
  6. SwiftIllusion

    Phernil Academy - Use knowledge and tactics to conquer multiple Arenas // download available

    Based on the re-imagination of mechanics from an incomplete boardgame design Phernil Academy is about using knowledge and tactics gained from your experience in each battle to become a noteworthy Part Leader and conquer the arenas the Academy provides. - - - In-Game quick introductory tour...
  7. SwiftIllusion

    Should RPG Maker MV framerate halve in skill selection?

    Sorry that I don't have more information to share with this question-I'm just hoping someone else might have had a similar issue somehow as I can't understand what happened. Was working on the project fine yesterday without trouble, then worked on a complex skill today and after trying it out I...
  8. SwiftIllusion

    Could you enjoy an RPG maker project where not all mechanics are automated?

    For example, while in digital board game platforms like Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator, it is expected that you have to manually follow the games rules and manually move parts around. However RPG Maker games/similarly built games have a larger expectation to see all of the games mechanics...
  9. SwiftIllusion

    Summoning a return [complete]

    ~  Summoning a return  ~ - Game Synopsis - --Fight monsters to gain their essence to summon a creature that upon defeat, will allow you to return home.--     Because of circumstances like being sick for the period of time I took off for this project and still trying to...
  10. SwiftIllusion

    State overlay height issue on custom actor battler sizes?

    For context I'm using the 'Yami Sideview Enhancement: More Frames' plugin, however I'm sure that's not at fault. Below is a screenshot with my character as an enemy and as an actor, the overlay on the left is higher than the image height while on the right its at the bottom of the image...
  11. SwiftIllusion

    Events aren't actually erased in RPG Maker MV?

    RPG maker MV 1.0.1 I've run into a significant issue where the engine doesn't actually delete events as it should be doing. I've confirmed this in a new project without plugins and couldn't find any posts regarding it via searching the forums/google. The problem I have is that I'm trying...
  12. SwiftIllusion

    [Crash Course Project] 3 small games : cutscene/combat/puzzle focused

    ~ ~ ~ Project 1 - completed in 3 days ~ ~ ~ "Play as Erik, avenging Angela and Salem by trying to convince your Landlord after being kicked out unfairly, that pets are a joy and you should all be allowed to return to your apartment." Original randomized topic: A simulation...
  13. SwiftIllusion

    Tile colors incorrect/become brighter in Playtest?

    RPG maker MV v 1.01 I made some alterations to the colors of the base RTP tileset as I wanted it to be a bit more lively/colorful, however though a direct comparison of the colors in the editor are correct, upon playtesting they become brighter/duller? Below is a comparison between the editor...
  14. SwiftIllusion

    [Demo A] Quest for Conquest: Prologue (working title)

    ~  Quest for Conquest: Prologue  ~ - Game Synopsis - Gifted with a power labeled 'Magic' through unfortunate events, Aelin asks Katos to join her once again as they prepare for the day to reclaim a stable future. This demo ended up being closer to a side character skit than an intro...
  15. SwiftIllusion

    A forum for minor project/demonstration specific feedback?

    I've searched through these forums and may have missed it, or may have misunderstood how strict a section may be, however there seems to be nowhere available for project specific feedback of a limited scope? In my current instance I'd like to receive feedback on the opening scene for a project...

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