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  1. SirFeikelton

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Thanks for the quick fix! It's working just fine :D When you and ave finished working on the elemental feature are you going to post it here as well? I would be interested in it too! I also made a little random Card function (for like booster packs). But since I am not that good in javascript...
  2. SirFeikelton

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Hey Raizen, don't worry it's been a while but not too long. I am still working on my game and just put the card game to side for now. I made everything how I wanted except for this problem. I still couldn't fix it. So I will patiently wait for your response. Thank you in advance and please don't...
  3. SirFeikelton

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Aaaaand I ran into another problem. The card picking animation for a battle or in the album seems to be a bit janky. The x coordinate on the first arrival of said card is too low. But I just cannot figure out where to edit the code. Maybe you could help me? On the other hand the removal of a...
  4. SirFeikelton

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Hello my dears, I wanted to ask if there is a way to select the cards by using keyboard arrows and the spacebar (for example). It seems to do so in the demo video you just posted but in my game i can only Drag&Drop it with my mouse. Also, thank you for the amazing Plugin, Triple Triad is one of...

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