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  1. realz012

    RMMZ VisuStella Battle Core, Opposite direction Enemy when use SV Battler?

    i want to ask, how to flip horizontal enemy so Enemy Battler face the main party? in game demo visu used notetag <Sideview Battlers> Actor1_1 </Sideview Battlers> when i try tq mod or archeia you can locked/deleted this thread. i found the culprit problem, conflict with some plugin. thx.
  2. realz012

    Match Map & Parallax as background help

    Hi! can someone help me? i making psychological survival horror game point and click. so i make parallax map for player investigate and triggering event. i just cannot make work. in database editor and test play, map is not match. i still confusing. i make background parallax 800x600 and map...
  3. realz012

    [Request] Actor Picture Show up before character attacking in battle - SBS

    Hi. can someone make it happen? when character have turn and ready for action in battle mode, character picture with notetag maybe <battler name> show up from left and disappear after character choose action. every character party have picture before attack (in picture 2 should showing motomu...
  4. realz012

    [Request] port Yami Battle Symphony+addon Holder for MV

    hi? sorry if someone request this before or this wrong forum to ask port script. i would like to convert my vx ace game to MV but need these plugin. original SBS MV is good for prologue my game, but for main game i need holder battler sheet with no limit for height or width size column row...

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