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    Teleportation+autorun screwing up literally everything

    I'm having trouble every five seconds because teleportation and autorun love to screw me over. On multiple occasions with entirely different scripts the player should be transported to a specific spot and that be the end of it, but instead they get teleported to a different spot and can't move...
  2. Spooks

    (MV) Majorly different styled sprites

    I'm looking for moving sprites (and faces for those sprites) that are based on varying bits. An 8 bit character, a 16 bit character, and a 32 bit character. I'd prefer a medieval look but that's about all the specifications I've got, I'm sure I'll fit them into the story no matter what gender or...
  3. Spooks

    Is pointless dialogue good for story games?

    I'm developing a game that has a ton of story and I just love filling rooms with objects that all compliment each other and giving them their own individual silent hill-esque pointless dialogue. For example interacting with a flower would give you something like "It's a red flower, the petals...
  4. Spooks

    MV retro tileset for in-doors.

    I'm looking for an rpg maker mv tileset that has the retro style of something like Crashykk's tileset that's entirely built for inside houses. I want it to have that retro 16 or 8-bit zelda style. I'd prefer it if it didn't cost any money since I really don't have any to be spending on assets...
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    Self closing/speed changing dialogue

    I want to make dialogue show up with one speed, read another part of the same text window slowly, and then close without player input. Like something you'd see in a text based horror game.
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    How to make lots of dialogue feel less overbearing?

    I have a lot I want to put out into my game but it's so hard balancing exposition and adventure. I don't want the player to be caught up in 5 minute dialogue scenes every two seconds but it feels like that's the only way to explain all the complex ideas in the story that I have. And I feel even...
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    How to make old dialogue effect later choices?

    I'm trying to set up Switches and Self Switches but it seems to just refuse to work. Self switches don't work in branching dialogue. If I set a switch to turn on from one event and effect a different effect then nothing happens. My only plugins are that of YEP battle engine, YEP buff states, and...
  8. Spooks

    Akuma Sprite Sheet

    This is my first post and I'm not exactly used to the linguistics yet so if you'd kindly bare with me I'd appreciate it. I'll note right now that I am looking for a character sheet if that wasn't already obvious. I'm looking for a sprite that is the Chibi style found in rpg maker MV but if...

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