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  1. LSDolphin

    RMMV Substitute + Counter compatability

    Found Triacontane's SubstituteExtend plugin, which has a substitute/counterattack compatibility option. Leaving the link here in case someone else needs it! :v
  2. LSDolphin

    RMMV (YEP Buffs & States) Custom Select Effect conditional always reads false

    If you look closely they now check if the condition is true instead of false like in my initial code. So if (the skill is on the list of valid skills/skill types), then {do nothing and let the attack proceed as normal} else {force the attack to miss}.
  3. LSDolphin

    RMMV (YEP Buffs & States) Custom Select Effect conditional always reads false

    Yep--2/6/8 are Skill Types that are always long ranged and skills 12/17/20 are specific long ranged Skills. So: if it's not a long ranged Skill Type or a long ranged Skill, it should miss. With my current setup, everything misses, no matter what skill is used. ...After typing that out, I...
  4. LSDolphin

    RMMV (YEP Buffs & States) Custom Select Effect conditional always reads false

    So I'm using Buffs & States to create a "flight" state where flying enemies can only be hit by long range skills. If the attacks are not long range, they miss. Yanfly has written some example shield states that are very similar to what I need, so I used those as examples. Of course, I'm here...
  5. LSDolphin

    RMMV Substitute + Counter compatability

    Another attempted fix of mine failed so I'm bumping this. :D
  6. LSDolphin

    RMMV Substitute + Counter compatability

    Oh, that would have been good information to include in the OP, my bad. OTL The relevant plugins I'm using are YEP Battle Engine Core & YEP Counter Control. As far as I can tell, neither Battle Core or Counter Control actually modify invokeNormalAction, but there might be other compatibility...
  7. LSDolphin

    RMMV Substitute + Counter compatability

    Got plans for a character who uses a Substitute state to cover allies and then Counterattacks that substituted hit. The way MV handles Substitution by default doesn't give that option though and instead applies the damage directly to the Substitute character without giving them a chance to...

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